Sunday, July 22, 2007

And we're off....AGAIN!

We are in St George. We left around 11:30, and only had to stop once!! Holy hannah!!! We rolled into town around 4:00. Cool huh!?! The kids immediately went swimming, and Jack and Daddy stayed behind to figure out the internet. Luckily, it's free at this hotel!

Our hotel is so nice! The beds are more comfy then our beds at home! Emma thinks it is the greatest. There is a fridge and microwave. She is amazed by it! So funny!

The ride down we great. Jack only fussed a little, and once I figured out the cold air was blasting on his leg. He was fine! Emma whined a little, but only a little. It really...overall, went well!!

We drove thru the Cove Fort area. Oh my goodness. It is like a graveyard of trees. It made me teary, in one particular area. Just imagining the fear of EVERYONE involved, as this fire blazed thru 500 square miles. It was humbling to see it in person. I REALLY wanted to ride over to Cove Fort, but we didn't. Everyone was happy. Couldn't risk it ya know? Maybe on the way back! This picture, was the best one I could get, with out stopping. But it really doesn't even begin to tell the story.

So, it's 6:00 AM!! Jack is wide awake, therefore...everyone is! We are heading out, as soon as we can. But like I said, internet isn't free in Vegas....Although I'm sure someone...won't be able to resist. So I may be back on, I may not.

I do wanna take a minute to apologize, to friends I was hoping to hook up with here in St. George. We were feeling very anti social. And before we left, something bad happened to my computer(Steve), and I can't access my email, with the phone number I was supposed to call! Hopefully, one of my other friends got my text I was trying to sneak in, while we were at dinner.


It's just life with 4 kids, and tired parents. Things NEVER go the way you wish, and plan for. Rollin with the punches...that's our motto for this trip!!


Amy said...

No worries! I would of loved to meet up but like I told ya, I understand traveling with family. hope you are having lots of fun!!! Love ya!

Danielle said...

I got the message, I just figured I'd talk to ya in Vegas so I didn't reply. It was awesome wasn't it?? We are so going next year too if it's in the same place!