Tuesday, July 10, 2007

11:00 pm update

Well, she's not so hot. She's on a constant morphine drip, IV fluids, anti nausea meds, and IV ibuprofen. Her pupils are really small, but a little reactive to light. But only a little.

When she does wake up, she says it hurts. Her tummy. Her incision is below the bikini line, and has a dressing on it, and a little catheter hanging out to give her numbing type medicine on her incisions on her bladder.

She has sat up, and went to the potty, but didn't pee. She has another 2 hours to pee, till they do something about it, like a catheter.


She is mostly sleeping, and when she's awake, she is responding, and being stubborn, so that's good. But she is in pain, and I hate that. I hate that she's in pain, with all that medicine.

Hopefully, I'll get SOME sleep tonight, but it's not looking good. Look how comfy my bed looks. But I'm scared to get in. The pink is my body pillow. 4 pregnancies did bad things to my hips!

They wanna try to get her up at midnight, to try and pee. And it's no easy feat, believe me!

So...if you read this tonight, keep us in your prayers!

Until morning...


Lisa M. said...

I am loving this!

I have checked in all day- but haven't left a comment, I apologize.


let us know how she does at midnight.

nickparkemjamom said...

not good sis....not good