Wednesday, July 11, 2007

11:00 pm SO MUCH BETTER!!!

She really is doing much better. She has eaten a little, a cupcake, and ice cream. *rolling eyes*

She really perked up when Steve and the boys came. it was the best I've seen her since we got here. She faded fast, but it was nice to see her talking and interacting with people.

She does keep teetering back and forth with a low grade fever. Don't know what is up with that.

She has gotten WAY more vocal, which is good and bad. It is nice to see her asking for things and expressing her opinion, but...she is demanding, I always do it wrong, and she cries more now about it hurting. But ya know what, I would MUCH rather have that, than the blob!!

We've had the greatest nurses, and staff. We even have the same ones tonight as last night, so that is nice!

We'll see how overnight goes...ugh...dreading it...but I'm more encouraged about going home tomorrow.

Thanks for all the well wishes, and checking in to reading my ramblings...

It's so nice to know people are out there, rooting for us!!

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DanniRaye said...

Hooray for feeling better!! I am glad, now let's get home!