Thursday, March 19, 2009

Preschool pictures!!!

K, so now that I have 2 hours to myself, of course I'm gonna sit here. :)

He was SO awesome! SO EXCITED!!! We got a new backpack, and a new shirt! He picked out both, and was so cute! And he was so excited to take pictures!

Man I love this kid! :)

The new backpack he picked out! And then in the car was telling me everything on it. "Ook MOM, Elmo's nose! Eyes!" "Elmo i oft!" (Elmo is soft)

He is in the Orange room!

So I thought I was doing well dealing with him going to school. And then my friend who taught Parker, and is now across the hall, said, "I need to show you something!" And brought this picture out! We gave it to her at the end of the school yr. How sweet is that! So of course we took a picture of Jack holding it! I almost cried, but held it in! I just love how Jack was perfectly willing to hold up the picture, and let me take one!

And here he is showing off his name. When he went to attach it, it wasn't right side up, but without skipping a beat or having to be told, he adjusted it. Seriously... how cute is he! I love how proud he is, and how he's pointing with his crooked little finger! ;) Oh, and you can see how he hung up his backpack too, with no assistance.

Ok, I'm still nervous about sending him. Even though they are my friends, and I know he is in good hands, and he is FINE... I'm still freaking out. But I'll just keep looking at these pictures, and I'll be fine! Right?


Jackerson starts preschool today! I've been thinking about this day for forever! Ok, three years. I knew he would go right when he turned three because he would have an IEP! We had to bump it back a little bit, because of his surgery, so today is the day!

I feel so goo about it. He's going somewhere that is like home for me. His teacher has been my friend for years. I feel great about his IEP. He's going to the right place, at the right time!!

I'll be sure to post pictures!! Now... we have to go buy a backpack... He HAS to have a new backpack! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Seriously??? Harelip?!?!?

I don't know if you all know this, but I am a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan. HUGE. I may have talked about this before, but since Jack was born, I pay more attention to medical dramas. I hear more things. I know more of what they are talking about. I know when they are doing things wrong, and when things are inprobable. But I still enjoy it for it's entertainment value.

Well last night, one of the Doctor's said a very flippant remark, that has me bugged to the core.

Here's what bugs me. The fact that most people don't know it's offensive. The fact that McSteamy said it. People think he's cool. People want to be like him. The fact that my kid, has one.

I go deeper than just his flippant remark, I pretend it's real. What if the parents of that kid were walking by as he said that? What if the kid was being wheeled to post op, and heard him say that? What if I was sitting in our little post op room across from the desk, and I over heard the nurses talking about the kid across the hall with a harelip. I seriously... think I would rip someones throat out.

Now, I am fully aware it is just a TV show, and maybe my feelings are raw, because we JUST had surgery, but I'm still bugged. I put this up first on my facebook, and have had great conversation about it. Someone asked, "Why is it so negative?" And sadly enough, I didn't know. But I was directed to it.

Here it is:

This one is about: "Harelip" - The Dark History of an Unfortunate Word

(c) 1996 Wide SmilesThis Document is from WideSmiles Website - www.widesmiles.orgReprint in whole or in part, with out written permission from Wide Smilesis prohibited. Email:

The accepted and appropriate word that defines a birth condition in which facial tissues fail to fuse during gestation is 'cleft'. However, the parent of a cleft-affected child does not go far before hearing the term, 'harelip' instead. And we do not like that term. Why? Isn't it just a word? Most people don't mean anything negative by using it. Well, perhaps knowing the history of the term may help us to understand why it is so inappropriate. And so here, excerpted from an article from WIDE SMILES, is the dark history of the word, 'harelip':

* * * * *

In the 16th century, it was a French Doctor who, when discussing a patient with a cleft, first coined the phrase that would be translated, "Lip of the Hare". In English it was more comfortably shortened to "HareLip". It was an unfortunate pairing of similes. The good doctor was only reflecting that the lip was split, as is the lip of a Hare (and every other rodent). But unfortunately for those who were born with a cleft, the hare had also long been associated with witchcraft!

It was believed throughout the dark ages and even to relatively recent times that a witch would often take the shape of a hare. And if a hare were to frighten a pregnant woman, she would give birth to a child bearing the mark.

In the 17th century the hysteria surrounding witchcraft rose to a new and frightening level. And it was during that time that the hare had become a symbol of Satan himself. A woman bearing a child with the mark of the hare, or a harelip, at that time, was thought to have had to have had relations with Satan. And thus, the cleft-affected child born of a woman, say, in Salem Massachusetts during the mid 17th century, in the midst of witchcraft hysteria would have condemned his mother to a violent end. That baby would have constituted "irrefutable evidence" of his mother's unnatural liaison with Satan.

Fast forward now to the 20th Century. Many people still use the term, "HareLip" when they mean to say, "Cleft Lip". Do they associate our children with Satanism and witchcraft? No, surely they don't. But it is nonetheless a term that has persevered in our language, long after a more accurate, more appropriate term has been coined.

At the very least, the term, "HareLip" likens our children to a common field rodent. It is not a soft, fluffy bunny. It is just a rodent. At the very most it harkens back to a darker past. A past that would never have happened were it not for massive hysteria on the part of a superstitious and almost militantly religious population. A past that condemned our children as the Devil's Seed, and condemned their mothers to death.

Maybe it's because I'm from Beverly, the town just north of Salem. But this really got to me. I try to be upbeat, and educate people about Jack's cleft. I was so excited about "Smile Pinki" getting so much attention. But when things like this happen, I feel like we are taking 10 steps back. I have seen the documentaries from operation smile, that talk about children being shunned. I just saw this. But I feel like we have really come a long way, and then this happened.

I was saying on facebook, how annoying it is, that as upset as most of my friends with cranio facial conditions in the family and I are about this, it won't get the attention it deserves. It's not going to be a hot topic on The View, it's not going to be covered on all the entertainment shows, or even make it on the news. "McSteamy says HARELIP, sending many families affected by cleft lips, into an emotional frenzy! WHAT is the origin, WHERE did it come from, WHY are these parents so upset?" Ya, NOT going to happen. THAT annoys me. So I'll just write about it on my blog, and on facebook, and put it on You Tube. If I educate one person, I'll be happy. I just wish my voice was bigger, louder, prettier, skinnier, drunk, had an umbrella hitting cars, or wasn't wearing panties. Then maybe I'd get my point across.

I'll calm down soon enough. Maybe...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have a new palate

I just have a sec, but thought I'd give a quick update.

Jack had his hard palate repaired today, and some revision on the inside of his lip. So far he's doing pretty good. He hasn't peed yet, it's been 12 hours, I'm starting to worry a little... but when do I NOT worry!! :)

We should be home by early morning... if he pees that is.

He is waking up more and more. Gramma is with him now, and I need to grab some food... So I'll update more tomorrow!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!!

My sweet boy is THREE!! Lately, I've been very retrospective. I've been looking through old video, and pictures, and thought I'd share some of favorites!

This is one of my favorite videos. It's from right before his first surgery. As we head into #8, I love seeing his sweet wide smile! Oh how I miss it!

And of course this one.

I can't even believe this is Jack.

Oh how I love this picture. Doesn't need much explaination does it?


My GYN's office is at the hospital where I got most of my prenatal care, and where Jack was born. Everytime I go there, I'm right back to the time we spent there. It's Pavlovian. I pull into the parking lot and I have a panic attack. I had so many appointments there, that didn't go well.

At this hospital, as I'm sure many, everytime a baby is born, they play a little "Rock a Bye" 3 sec thing over the PA system. I remember hearing it when I was there for appointments, and the yearning I felt to hear it play, when Jack was going to be born alive. I remember hearing it, as they wheeled me back to my room after the c section and crying, cuz I knew it was for him, and he was alive and well. I had an appointment last week, and while we were there, the song came over the PA. I was immediatly overcome with tears. Here I was chasing after Jack 3 years later, hearing this sweet little song, that I'm sure many people don't even realize. He was running into the gift shop. When I was retrieving him, I saw these little bears wearing a tshirt that said, "I "Heart" St. Mark's Hospital." I HAD to have it for Jack. I want him to always know, what they did for him, and for our family. That place changed our lives forever.

If you want to have your own walk down memory lane...

I just can't believe he's 3. And he just gets sweeter, and cuter everyday!!


Friday, March 6, 2009


So the first couple of days, he couldn't get a straw to work. Well, check it out!

And he's SO proud of himself! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009