Friday, February 27, 2009


I'd tell you everything, but I'm too tired. I put pictures on facebook! And it kind of tells the story.

So when I am over wanting to throw up... I tell you everything. But know he was great, and I survived. :) One down, one in 10 days. *sigh*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling better-ish

I feel a little more in control now that we have a "plan". He has to be there tomorrow at 9 am. I am SO RELIEVED! He can have clear liquids until 7:30, which is about the time he gets up, so I think it will be fine. And the PS said it only takes like a minute, so we should be in and out. YAY!

We also had the pre-op appointment for the surgery on the 10th. It was great to hear the plan of attack! :) AND... he is going to revise under his upper lip. I've been worried about this for a long time. He has tissue that droops down when he grins and laughs, and that piece that goes between your gums, and your lip? Ya, that thing. His is right between his two middle teeth, and really short, so they are fixing that too. It's called a vestibuloplasty. I couldn't find any good info when I googled it. Sorry. But I'll try to get some good before and after pictures. :)

And of course the palate. We'll be staying overnight, but on the surgical unit. I love it there. The germ level is low! ;) AND they are very attentive!

So, I'm feeling better-ish... now that I have a plan. *sigh*

Best laid plans

Yesterday I was so distracted, I just hit publish, before I was really done, and I couldn't really collect my thoughts. So I'm going to try now.

If you have been through this process, you will know what I'm saying. Maybe it's just me, and the way my brain works. See, I'm a planner. I don't like a change an abrupt change in plans. And this... is abrupt. Since he was born, I have been planning on the summer after his third birthday. And now, it's tomorrow. I don't like when things sneak up on me. Don't get me wrong, I asked for this! I said, "Can we move it up?" But when reality sets in... mamma's freakin out.

So here's what I'm freaking out about. I know, you wanted a list... :)

  • He's 3 now. He can protest.
  • He's a three yr old, who wants to eat, the second he wakes up. And follows me around the house whining, until he gets something, and then not just something... EXACTLY WHAT HE WANT'S!!!
  • He hasn't been under anesthesia in a yr and a half. His little body is different. How is that going to go?
  • He's smart. What is HE going to think of all this?
  • What is he going to think about the new hole in his mouth.
  • What if they drop one of the screws in his throat? I know, not likely, whatever...
  • What IS is palate going to look like? What if it hasn't grown together enough? What then?
  • Oh, and I don't have a laptop this time. My brain, may implode. I'm just warning you.

I've been thinking alot lately about his speech. I've been told when the prosthesis comes out, they are more nasal sounding. I'm not really sure how much worse it can get with this kid. It should be interesting. Then I worry, is he going to stop talking, because it feels so weird?

But I heard a great webinar the other day. It was a speech therapist. What I realized was, even adults can relearn their speech patterns. Even I did. I grew up in Boston, where I'm sure you knw, they have HORRIBLE accents- and I say that with love. How they don't know this I'm not sure... heehee Anyway, I tried really hard when I moved away to lose the obvious ones. But my friends would catch me. They said when I talked fast, it would come out. Like quorta (quarter) things like that. All you Bostonians, don't send me hate mail, you know it's true! ;)

So it got me thinking about Jack. I have been so worried about PREVENTION with him. MAKING him say it right. But he doesn't even have the tools, so to speak-no pun intended ;). I have said over and over, the more he talks, the worse it gets! But that my friends is what speech therapy is for! He just needs to work on articulation! Getting the hole fixed in the roof of his mouth should help! So I am glad he is getting it fixed, before we start with a new speech therapist.

So I just keep thinking about how pre op will go. He is SO much older now. I mean , he really is a different person. When Emma had her's I explained it to her as much as I could, and she did pretty well. But he is big, but little. *sigh* Should be interesting.

Now I'm back to waiting... how I hate it. I wrote this last time, nothing has changed. I just reread it, and it makes me cry. I really don't want to, but again, I know this is in HIS best interest. Getting it out helps. Rereading past ventings, makes it worse though... ugh. :)

Sometimes.... it just sucks.

Sometimes... it rocks.

Here's to praying for the last one.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here we go again...

I've had in my head Jack was having his next surgery(hard palate repair)this summer. Well, do to uncertain times at Dh's job, we decided to move it up, just in case.

Well, moving it up, starts friday. When I called to see if the timeline fit for Jack, she said, yes, but March 10th, is the only opening I have. The day after Jack's third bday, he'll go in for his 8th surgery. This Friday, Feb 28th, he goes in to remove the prosthesis (retainer). It's considered surgery because they will put him under general. And he IS getting something "unscrewed" from his jaw. I've been told from my experts, it is smooth, and easy. Let's hope.

So now starting preschool is put off for a little bit too. BUT, the good news is, it is perfect timing. Now we will be able to start speech therapy... WITH A PALATE!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you all posted!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Check out the boy who wasn't supposed to live! THis is an "I TOLD YOU SO"... to the doctors who "advised me" to terminate.

Seriously, how amazing is he?

Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm one of them!!

YIKES, it's been awhile huh? Don't really have time to update, but the thought of it being Feb 9th, and last post Jan 24th, is making me crazy!! :)

This week is the play! It has been SO fun, and SO stressful! I can't wait till all our hardwork is on display, ya know?

Emma had a great bday! The big 6!!! I'll get pictures up sooner or later. I put some on facebook! And some cute videos of Jack.

Work is good, still fun. The current show is SO FUNNY!! Makes me giggle everyday!

Jack is heading out of Early Intervention! CRAZY!! He starts preschool the day after his bday! March 10th. Wow, I still can barely believe it. I have stories about when we did his testing... So be watching for that!

So, I haven't fallen off the planet, just running around on it!