Tuesday, July 24, 2007

sayin hi real quick!


I thought I show you a couple pictures, We're getting ready to head home, but Here's a couple pictures to tide ya over till I can tell you ALL of our adventures! Ok, not ALL but the good ones anyway.

Call me a loon, I don't care. It's emotional for me! And I've been twice now. Once was for fun, then we needed milk!! HA! It is across the street from our hotel! How cool is that!

The classes were great yesterday, for all of us!! Last night was a dinner and dance. That was WAY fun! The kids, had a blast!! They even put on a little performance. Emma hadn't gone to the class where they learned it, but she didn't care! She was SO cute!!!

So, I'll tell you ALL about it when I get home. We didn't get to do HALF the things I wanted to. BUT the conference we wonderful, and we made some great connections, with friends, and professionals!

The view from out our hotel room! Left to right, Mandalay Bay, the beam of light is the Luxor, and the green building, is the MGM Grand!


Jennifer said...

Ohh how i love Vegas!! Sounds like you have tons of fun... Hey i bought Padded Shoe inserts from there! Yeah!

Sis Sarah said...

Today at CVS I bought

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I paid $13.50 cause

I had a $4.00 off coupon from CVS for filling a prescription there

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How awesome is CVS


Fowler family said...

fun! i can't wait to hear more Jenny!