Monday, June 30, 2008

To tide you over

K, until I have energy to tell you about our trip, here is a video you might enjoy!! :)

You should know, Nick and I were slightly giddy...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're Home!!

So much to say, WAY too tired to say it. I have over 500 pictures to sort through. But I will post these tonight.

I got up early, everyday we were there, to watch this massive fireball rise on the east coast. including this morning. Tonight, I went outside to bring the kids in, and realized, the same sun, was now setting at my house, here in Utah. Seriously... how cool is that?! (check out the time stamp)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One down...

Plus This:

Equals: one thing off my freaking out list!

My mom, who hasn't been feeling well lately, drove all the way(about 20 miles) to my house, to give me get a camera. And her friend who drove her(cuz she's not feeling well), insisted I take a Gift Card for $20 to Walmart!

WOW...I am humbled by these good people. In the words of Forest Gump, "And that's all I have to say about that."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pressure's Mounting...

...on the anxiety scale, that is. Oh my hell, I really need some pills. If you look to the right, you'll see my little counter, is down to one. ONE DAY!!! It's such a mix...excitement, horror. You pick. Not even sure what percentage of each. I'm thinking 100% and 100%! Here's what is going on in my head:

  • Get to meet Becky and her family!!! And yes lots of others...but she is at the top of the list!!
  • Kids get to see the ocean!!
  • Kids get to go on a PLANE!!
  • We are going to a REAL aquarium!!
  • We are staying in a BEAUTIFUL hotel, I'm SURE we would never stay in if it wasn't for this.
  • Someone will make my bed everyday, and bring me clean towels, and wipe down the bathroom sink!!
  • I won't have to put on lotion everyday! (humidity)
  • We won't be home.
  • Every one has fresh haircuts, and mine is "in a good place"
  • I found the flip flops I wanted to bring!! One has been missing for like forever.
  • I found sunscreen that ROCKS!! Just spray! No rubbing!! smells good!
  • I have ONE bag packed. Beach towels...cuz we're goin to the beach, Jack's diapers, regular and swim.
  • I don't have to work until we get back.
  • Parker and Em and I are singing in the talent show.

Oh my hell's...

  • Don't have as much spending money as I wanted.
  • Kids going on a plane
  • Planes fly...I don't know if you know this, but nothing is holding the up. And they are heavy. Oh, and don't tell my kids.
  • House needs to be cleaned before we leave, and no one is cooperating- as per usual.
  • We get to go to the beach. (I hate sand in my butt)
  • Jack has a shunt. (I know, I always worry about it, just had to add it to my list, since we will be at 30, 000 feet.) And while we're at it, will being at see level affect him, and then coming back to high altitude??!?!) *sigh* At least he has tubes, so THAT pressure will be minimal.
  • Don't have as much spending money as I wanted.
  • Kids going on a plane (Oh sorry, did I start over??)
  • I need to buy more of said sunscreen. And the two stores I thought had it, don't. Off to wallymart.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • My camera is still broken.
  • OK sorry, I'm done.
  • I don't have to work until we get back. (it's nice to get out of the house)But I don't know at this point WHEN I work again.
  • Parker and Em and I are singing in the talent show, but not together. So I'm nervous for them. And the song I'm doing, is not working out to be easy, the accompaniment part. It can never be easy can it?
  • Our flight leaves at 6 am. So...what time do we go to bed to get up at 2 am.Will they GO to bed "early". Will I need to drug them. *rolling eyes* Maybe I'll have them, take showores before they go to bed, and sleep in their clothes. :)

Ok then, see...about even. Maybe getting it out in print will help. Eh...I think it's worse now. *sigh*

Just say a little prayer for me would ya?? I'd appreciate it. And if you have any thoughts on flying with kids...I'm anxious-no wait- excited to hear- no wait...I just want to know, K??

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yankee or Dixie?

This is an interesting little quiz. Just for fun, go take it. It's just silly, and not science...

The scoring is: 0% is pure Yankee and 100% is pure Dixie. I got 38% Yankee- Definitely Yankee. It must be the fact I've lived out west for the last 20 years! :) I remember years ago, watching Gone with the Wind for the first time. They kept bashing Yankees! Having grown up in Massachusetts, I was VERY offended! It was funny.

Oh, leave a comment, and tell me what percent you got!

...just do it...


Now back to the horror of packing, and cleaning. ugh...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I remember him!!


Quotes heard during the "process":

~"I need my haircut, my forehead is white!"

~"I think I wanna get it short, so I can do a Faux-hawk!"

~"I want it so I can spike it, like when I was in 2nd grade!"

~...whimpering in the car, "I'm scared!"

~"Ya, I always have knots in it", as she took 3-5 mintues, combing them out. (his words again)

~As soon as she cut the back, " Hey! I can feel a breeze on my neck!"

I have long been a believer of your hair is your expression. I liked it long, when it wasn't unruley. When I started seeing signs of "he wanted to cut it" I was almost giddy. Then when he actually said it, I almost fainted.

WOO HOO!!! I CAN SEE HIS SWEET FACE!! And I think he looks older! I wish you all could see his face when he gets, " WOW Parker, I didn't even recognize you!" He is SO CUTE, and proud!

Now, to try to prevent the faux-hawk! *smirk*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

I stole this from my new friend's blog. I started out to do it with just Emma, but the boys wanted to do it in order of how they were asked the questions:

1. What is something mom always says to you?

E: "HI!, and I love you!"
P: "Get your hair out of your eyes!?"And "That's ok, try harder next time!"
N: "Get your hair out of your eyes!?"

2. What makes mom happy?

E: "When I do good things for her."
P: "When I actually do what you told me to!"
N: "When I wake up on time!"

3. What makes mom sad?

E: "When you ask me something, and I don't do it."
P: "When you ask me something, and I don't do it."
N: "I don't know"

4. How does mom make you laugh?

E: "When you tell me jokes."
P: "You make jokes about us!"
N: "Being your normal self?"

5. What was mom like as a child?

E: "You could walk on the side of the road, and ride your bike!"
P: "ummmmmmmm... I think you were kind of goofy. Cuz well... you're kind of goofy now!"
N: "I don't know, I wasn't alive then!"

6. How old is your mom?

E: "24."
P: "39? 40!"
N: "40."

7. How tall is your mom?

E: "18 foot long"
P: "Stand up... um... 5'6"?"
N: "I'm guessing like 5'8"? 5'3"? 5'5"!!"

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

E: "Watch TV with me."
P: "Your favorite thing to do it to play with Jack and laugh at what he does funny."
N: "Watch 'The View'!" Mom's rebuttal: "I usually watch this late at night, before I go to bed, when nothing else is on. And he won't go to bed!"

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?

E: "I don't know, what DO you do?" Oh I know, you get on the computer"
P: "I don't think that's appropriate."
N: "Sleep! Oohhh...have a party!

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

E: "Being a star on stage." Mom: "Doing what?" E: "SINGING!!"
P: "Singing!"
N: "Comedian."

11. What is your mom really good at?

E: "Singing."
P: "*big sigh*...You're really good with kids, well little kids. Wait...Being a MOM...ya , being a Mom!!"
N: "Singing."

12. What is your mom not very good at?

P: "*laughing* Keeping our friends with the same names straight"
N: "I don't know"

13. What does your mom do for her job?

E: "You WORK! You talk!"
P: "She sells tickets, and tries to be funny."
N: "She sells tickets, and tries to be funny. Underline TRIES, that way it will be a little different.

14. What is your mom's favorite food?

E: "Fruit, Veggies, salad"
P: "Salad, um...some kind of beans, is it Green Beans??
N: "Beef Stew, cuz I see you eating it all the time."

15. What makes you proud of your mom?

E: "That you writen hearts on my cup! And you take pictures of me and Jack!!"
P: "That you have a job that you like!"
N: "That she's my mom."

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

E: "A Goblin? Oh wait, Belle!!" Mom's rebuttal: *rolling eyes*
P: "Uh...GOOFEY!!
N: "A smurf, those little blue Gnomes from the 80's Mom's rebuttal: "Like I didn't know"

17. What do you and your mom do together?

E: "Watch Tv"
P: "Watch Tv"
N: "Watch Tv"

Mom's rebuttal: "Guess we need to get out more. But in my defense we try to watch shows that are either 'informational'- Dirty Jobs, and Mythbusters, Or where we cheer for someone-American Idol, or American Gladiators, Or Shows that make us laugh- America's Funny Videos "

18. How are you and your mom the same?

E: "Because we have the same hair cut."
P: "We both have big brothers!."
N: "There's a lot of things. We always wanna try new things? Talent wise!"

19. How are you and your mom different?

E: "My eyes are blueish greenish, and yours are brown!"
P: "In your case, you have short hair, in my case I have long!!"
N: "There are SO many things"

20. How do you know your mom loves you?

E: "Because she gives me hugs and kisses"
P: "When I'm leaving, you make sure I have my cell phone, so I don't get in trouble!"
N: "Cuz you protect me from things you don't want me to do, like drugs, alcohol, and other bad things"

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hangin with the cool kids...

I got a part time job, and THIS time, it WILL BE part time. I'm excited because I have worked there before! So MOST of the information, is already in my head somewhere! :) Today, was my first day. I was very nervous about it. They have a whole new computer system, but it is much easier than before. But the rest is like riding a bike! When someone asked me where the bathroom was, without skipping a beat, I gave them the exact answer I gave for that question 8 years ago! It was kind of freaky! Just popped out of my brain! I can not believe it's been 8 years. Neither can the people who still work there! HA!

For anonymity sake, I'll just say it's a theater that does live musical comedy melodramas. Some of you will know, where. ;) and if you MUST know, email me, I'll tell ya! It such a fun atmosphere, and the people who work there...well let's just say, they are crazy drama queens like me! Mostley... :)

It's only a couple weeknights, and Saturdays either days, or late nights! :) It's just a great fit for me! And I get two tickets to every show. The kids are excited about that. I'll have to buy Parker and Em's ticket, but they are only eight bucks. I did get an idea, we'll see if I can make it happen. I was thinking, the kids could earn "tickets" for doing good things, or just the expected *rolling eyes*, and the person with the most tickets at the time of the show, gets to go. Then HOPEFULLY, they would be tied, and we would all go. And before you say it, DH doesn't like to go, and Jack is too little! :) I don't know, we'll see how it goes. Gotta work out the "kinks".

Today, it was so nice to be around people who don't know my kids. I hope that doesn't sound weird. I just mean, my life revolves around them so much. Even stuff I do, with and for adults, revolves around them...lately, Jack. Don't get me wrong, I love the work I do, and I love my kids. It's just nice to be just Me! Ya know?'s also fun, to see friends, going to the show. FUN FUN FUN!

Well, it's been a LONG day, I'm SO ready for a LONG GREAT DEEP sleep. Wish me luck! ...Sleeping, AND with my new job!! :) Oh, and if you're sending sleeping vibes, send them to Jack...PLEASE!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

They have risen!

Out behind our house, is an irrigation ditch. Sometimes it has water, sometimes it's dry. ALL the time, is has wildlife, and vegetation. It's a hot spot for the kids. Annoyingly so, Parker seems to get poison ivy three times a year.

ANYWAY, we've had a mice problem. We borrowed a cat for a little while, hoping he would catch them, no such luck. We set the snap traps, but ugh, hated the sound. We set those boxes they can only go "in". Ya those work great...if they go IN! The only thing that works, is the glue boards. Thankfully, they are cheap. I hate them too though, cuz the minute a rodent gets stuck they start to cry. *sigh* I refuse to touch them. *shutter at the thought* So Dad and Parker run the mouse trapping business around here.

Well last night, in the midst of a late night heartburn attack, I heard crying. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Parker must have put one somewhere I didn't know about. But the crying was getting more frequent, and sounded like more than one. So I had to investigate on my own. *shutter at the thought..again*

I looked behind the door to my bedroom, and there were two little mice, stuck to a glue board. I had to get rid of them. They would have kept me up all night with their whimpering! But how? I don't touch the boards with things attached. It was 3 am, for the record, and a great thunderstorm was raging out my back door. So I grabbed an empty cracker box, and tried to scoop it up- like the box was a spoon or something. It didn't work, I had to grabbed the glue board, and try not to let the little creature flick me with it's tail. *shutter at the thought......again*

I got them in the box and headed to the back porch. All the while they are crying, whimpering, and trying desperatly to get out of the tar pit they found themselves in. I could even feel them bump up against the side of the box a couple of times. ugh

Since it was raining, as I mentioned, was 3 am, and obvilously, I was in my jammies, I was NOT about to venture across my vast driveaway, to send them to the dump. So I just set the box on the back porch.

This morning, I went to throw the box away, and this is what I found...


No mice or glue board in sight! The little boogers have risen!!! The empty tomb is all that is left! Seriously, can you just picture it? Two little mice "rowing" the glue board across the driveway to the ditch! At least it was raining... And I'm sure they were mocking me the whole way!!!

*rolling eyes*

OH MY HELL... Looks like it's time to get an exterminator...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's a BIG day!!

First off, Parker wanted me to take a picture of the TV screen. If you are not a Guitar Hero fan, He got 82% of the notes right on "Through the Fire and Flames" the hardest song on Guitar Hero! This kids got rhythm! I don't know HOW they do it!

Then look at this!!!! Em finally figured out, SHE CAN DO IT!!! We've been working with her for awhile now, but you all know how it goes...she just needed confidance!


As a side note, this used to be Parker's bike, but Daddy got her these cool new tires, and had it painted pink. Now I'm afraid it's a little too small. :( Oh well, she is SO proud of herself!! And we are too! Now she just needs to find her helmet! *rolling eyes* Not leaving the driveway till she does!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Teddy Jack

Seriously, does it get ANY cuter?

We went to the Zoo's special night for PCMC patients and their families. Wow. It was amazing. I have more pictures, thanks to the zoo, and their sponsers. My camera is at the camera spa, getting all fixed up! THANKFULLY, they gave every child a gift basket, that included a disposable camera! I got some great shots, but have to get them developed. These I took with my phone! They came out so cute, their faces, and the picture, I couldn't wait to share!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I need all my friends to vote for my kiddos!!!

A radio station in town, is having a photo contest. The winner gets tickets to American Idol on tour. Can I tell you how much Emma would LOVE to go, and how much I don't want to pay for tickets!!??? :) The winner also gets a photo session with a cool photographer!

So go here, Jack and Emma are #047. You can scroll through the pictures, and see for yourself they are the cutest ;) or just vote for #047!! Voting will end on or about 10am on Thursday, June 26, 2008.

Thanks! I'll let you know if we win!! Yes, this is the picture I submitted!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some random pictures

Some are from my phone, some are from a stupid *** disposable, and the family one, is from my MIL's camera. There are more from her visit, but we're all getting a disk with all 300 + pictures on it, that will be made when life settles back to normal. normal will ever happen!

Anyway, in as random order as they are random...

These are from Emma's last day

This is the teacher all three kids had when they were 4!

This is Em, and both her teachers!

HORRIBLE picture, but what I want you to see, is that Emma is the only one crossing her legs!! She is definitley related to me!!!

This is Jack wearing Daddy's sunglasses at the Graduation!

Here's all da kiddos, after Graduation.

...sun was kinda bright!

This is Jack thinking a snail is cool!

Not so sure it's cool anymore...

He likes it on the car bumper better!

Just cuz I know it's your favorite~

Oct 06

June 08

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update on My David :)

I finally got around to write about all the finale stuff we did. Check it out, if you REALLY want to know! ;)

Anyway, I wanted to put this on here, cuz this is the place I share my As I said on the other blog, I have been so sad for him, that is old life is gone. How can he go back to school, or church, or anything normal. I was thinking how sad he may never be able to sing at church again, something simple. I know how much singing at church means to me, and to lose that, even to go on to better things, would be so hard.

Well, yesterday, I found this. I was moved to tears, one because it's a beautiful song, and beautiful arrangment, two, because he's being David, not American Idol David. Sure he talked about being on Idol, but he was truely there as the David he was last summer.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am so proud of this young man. I have been accused lately, of being worse then a screaming preteen, but is so not the case. I could only be prouder of him if he were my own son!

Here is the story of the video:

The following letter is from Richard - who is playing the piano in the background!

____ Hey there, I just wanted to pass on a cool experience I had last night. Yesterday I got a phone call at about 3:18 pm from the Archuleta's. I was asked if I would be available to play for David for a fireside that he was speaking in the next couple of hours. Brett Hales, a friend of the Archuleta's, was asked to speak on trials and how to overcome them. Brett has M.S. and was on a feeding tube less than six months ago and could have been counting his final days, but miraculously now is up and about and doing pretty darn good. He decided to bring David along to share. So, I cancelled everything from my busy Sunday evening, loaded up the kids, and went to this fireside, which was held at a school for troubled youth. It is a 10 month in-house program that helps these kids 'right the ship'. What was interesting about all of this: most of them had never seen David sing because they don't watch T.V. there. This was their first experience of hearing him. David sang "Angels" and "Be Still My Soul" and did an incredible job of telling of his experience on American Idol. I was fortunate to accompany David on both songs. The piano that they had there was not amazing, but it worked out. Be Still My Soul is an arrangement that I did for David a while back. I have included a link for you to listen to this performance. When he sang it, you could just feel the Spirit come over the room. The directors of the school were in tears, because they said these kids don't feel this way very often. It is hard for them to feel the Spirit or recognize it because of their current state and their attitudes. But, it was more than evident that they did. You could see it in their eyes and I can only pray that they find the desire to have it in their lives even more. David was also so good to stay and talk to everyone who wanted to. He signed autographs, took pictures, and just gave words of encouragement for almost an hour and a half. It was so awesome to see his willingness to share. Anyhow, Enjoy! Richard

Here is the video. ENJOY!!

I'm doing it again.

What is my problem? Why can I not just be fine?

So last week, we saw our favorite OT. It had been about 2 months since we saw her, just due to scheduling conflicts. He's been fine really, for him anyway. But of course I had my list, of things I think are wrong with him.

Here it is:
~his right shoulder, is like a ball
~his bicep is almost nonexictant
~the muscle/tendon in his armpit is SO tight, I worry I'm going to rip it, if I pick him up the wrong way
~his shoulder blades stick out, and are uneven
~his spine, disappears between his shoulder blades, then reappears and is "bumpy"
~his wrist bone, is pointey not round like most people
~his feet are still pronating
~his knees are starting to knock, due to said pronating
~he can't seem to get jumping OFF stuff. He can jump UP, just not off. No mind you, I am VERY happy about this, but still, he should be able

No here's the problem, NONE of this, is a problem for HIM!!!! NONE OF IT!! So I ask you...why can I not let it go, and not worry about it. Our sweet OT, is so good at..."KNOCK IT OFF!", or "Let's watch it". But we are both sick of, let's watch it.

As I told you in my last post, I'm now adding "shunt" to my list of worries. Everthing odd thing that happens, I think it must be his shunt. Maybe I should lie, and go to the ER and say he's having symptoms, and needs a CT scan. "Oh, well, he was acting weird last night, he must be feeling better now!" *rolling eyes* I can see his chart now, under diagnosis...hysterical mother.

Also, I feel like his right eye, is getting droopier. I have said this before, that his eyes, are interesting in that you can see the bottom of the whites of his eyes. But for some reason, occasionally, his right eye, top eye lid, seems to droop. Again...mountain out of mole hill?

Part of me, wants it all to resolve on it's own. The other part wants to start up with the never ending appointments again, and get this all figured out. I was thinking of taking the summer off from therapy. Just to see what happens. He's really only getting speech. Our "teacher lady" comes once a month, and plays fine motor and cognative games, while working on speech.

I know he's only 2, but I wonder, if the "pressure" of people constantly wanting him to do stuff, is making him not do it. Our OT agreed, taking the summer off, might be a good idea. I don't know, I'm still deciding.

As far as my list goes... Yesterday, he did this :) I sent it to her in email!

And she is worried/watching the knees, and thinks maybe his arm has the muscles attatched in weird places. What to do about it, neither of us know. She did say making him rotate his upper trunk would help with some of the issues, in stregthening all those muscles.

So tell me, what is my problem? I was recently accused of "expecting my children can't do things." I have always TRIED to tell them they can do anything. That once they learn how, they can accomplish anything they want. Maybe this person is an idiot, maybe I am, and don't know I'm doing it. I did ask the boys, if they felt like I do that, and got a resounding NO from both of them. P said, "You always encourage us!" So that was nice. But I wonder if I do it to Jack too much.

I'm actually just typing out loud, maybe tomorrow when I read it back, I can make more sence of it. If you have any thoughts though, I'd appreciate it.