Monday, July 16, 2007


Sorry, it's been a hard day. She was up all night. Peed all over the bed, and I had to change it. Jack woke up, and she was screaming. All at about 2:30 am! I called the urolgoist office this morning, and they think she might have an infection. So she wanted to have her urine checked at PCMC. Jack had an appointment, to recheck his hearing, so I dropped her off at my mom's.

When I called to have them bring her up, they weren't ready. *sigh* So Jack and I went to get something to eat. He was so cute! He sat in a highchair across the table from me. It was funny to realize he is getting to be a real person! He was playing peek a boo, and OH MY HECK I forgot to tell you all!!! HE IS SIGNING "MORE"!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!! He is just getting to personable. And his hearing test was fine, fluid in them, but fine. He wants to recheck in 6 weeks. Then see if we need to put tubes in.

Back to Emma. I did finally get her last night to take ALL her meds! SUCH a relief! It was still hard, but she finally did it! Today, when I met her at the car to go to the lab, she was FREAKING OUT!! She had to pee really bad, and was HYSTERICAL. So I ran her into the lab and grabbed what I needed from them, and ran her to the potty. She was crying and whimpering the WHOLE time. And I had to carry her. ugh We get in there and her pull up was soaked, and of course I didn't have a new one. I had to leave her in the PUBLIC bathroom whimpering horribly, and go get her another one from my mom across the hall. It was SO bad. I got the pee, and gave it to the man behind the glass, and he says, "Did you register?" OH MY HELL!!! So I have to leave her, whimpering, with my mom AGAIN!!! We sat in the waiting room of the lab TRYING to get he to take some motrin, to ease her pain, to no avail. They both fell asleep on the 20 min ride home, but of course woke up, as soon as I laid them down.

We did catch a nap later, she and I, and Nick watched Jack. YAY for Nick!

Tonight... she's been GREAT! Happy, ate dinner, was running around, playing with Nick, and I even took her for a walk in the stroller!

Of course I missed to call from the Dr's office about her urine. I'm hoping, since she didn't call back, it came back negative. Actually, I hope it is positive, so we can FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll let you know tomorrow! Here's to hoping we get some sleep tonight!

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DanniRaye said...

Oh my heavens. I don't know how you do it. Poor little girly, my heart is breaking for her! But I am so happy that Jack is doing so well! He is so adorable, not that I have to tell you that!
We'll say prayers for Em again today. I hope things get really better really fast!