Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Emma's 2:30 update

She's been in for about an hour and a half. She was so great this a morning. Only complained once, about being thirsty. NEVER about hunger! YAY! She was calm, and excited to get on with it! As it got closer, she started to get a little worried, so we gave her some versed, which helped a lot. But while we were waiting for it to take effect, she had fun pretending to draw this sandcastle on the wall. So sweet!!

We had to be here at 11:15, which was good, so she didn't get too hungry, but we missed the courtesy cart. If you are blessed enough to not know about the courtesy cart, it is a cart the runs around the hospital in the morning, to the different areas, with juice, and coffee, danish type things, and fruit. Bummer...

Well, they just called and they think she'll be done pretty soon. I love that they do hourly phone calls, to update on how they are doing!

I did run into a couple of friends, so that is always nice. One is here too much, the other works here! And since being here, I have heard this is a painful surgery....nice...

So, I'll get back on once she is in her room!!

This picture was taken just before they took her to the OR. She really did great!

Thanks for all the well wishes, spoken, and unspoken!

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