Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7:00 update/Sleeping Beauty

We're in her room!!

She is so sleepy still, but is mega drugged, so I'm glad she's sleeping!

She's in one of the new ones, and it is SO NICE!!! Oh my, it's like a 4 star hotel with no carpet. :) There is a sofa the folds out into a bed. It looks comfy! I'll let you know. And check out the chair! SO SO SO comfy!!! I hear it reclines! Haven't tried it yet, maybe when I'm done updating...I may never go home!! Well, I do need the sun.

Here's a couple of pictures of the bathroom, I know, I'm obsessed!! But it's so pretty!!

So now I sit... in silence! *sigh* How I love silence!

Gramma and Auntie Ruth took the boys to lunch and a movie, and Dad has gone home to take over.

Hopefully, Emma's best friend will be coming up for a visit tomorrow, and the boys of course. But other than that, we are laying low...

She can come home when she's eating and peeing good! And he said she can eat whatever she wants!! She'll be excited to hear that when she wakes up!

I'll update again in the morning, unless I feel the need to tell you something before then!!


Mandy said...

Only those with kids with special needs would understand the excitment of a nice hospital room. I love it!!!! Glad all went well!!

Lainey said...

Thank you for all the updates...I've been checking in all day. Glad things are going so well. Hope you get some sleep tonight and Miss Emma is feeling back to her regular self quickly!!!