Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wish I wasn't home

Coming home to a dirty house...bad idea. Then add all the unpacking...bad idea. Sorry I haven't been on. As I alluded to before my laptop-where I do ALL my stuff- was on the fritz. Well, it is now officially dead, waiting to be revived. Till someone can fit it into his schedule to take it to a professional. When it died, it took all my pictures from Vegas with it. It makes me so sick to my stomach, I can't even tell you. I've been crying about it all day. Every time I think about it, I get a panic attack. It's been a bad day to be cut off from the world. Oh, and the main computer died too. I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy! ...honestly.

So things suck at my house. It's NOT good to be home. There's no food, and we spent all our money in Vegas. I would LOVE to tell you all the wonderfully things that happened in Vegas, but honestly, it's too painful, having just lost all the pictures, and video. Just now it was nice, and now it sucks.

Right now, I'm a freakin loser at the library. So if you comment, I won't know till I can get back here.


My weekend plans, go between, mental hospital, and church campout. Which will win ... I'm not sure at this point.

Sorry to be a bummer, I just don't have it in my to be fake happy, for the 30 minutes I have to tell you I'm not dead, but feel like it.

Hugs, and I hope to feel better soon.


Sis Sarah said...

I'm so sorry that life is sucking right now.

Broken computers uggggg

our computer crashed and it had all of wesley's first 6 months on it, the panic

We were able to retrieve the photos, so don't give up hope yet.

And we've done the library thing too, for like 2 years

I'll call you tomorrow, since at least your phone still works.

And the ward campout is fun, we went last year

The bishop and fam forgot to bring a tent

ANd luckily someone brough an extra pop up tent, so imagine the bishop, lenore, jensen and laney all in a little pop up tent. hehehehe


Amy said...

I love you!!!! I am sorry about the computer, that sucks! Hope it all gets better. :)