Thursday, July 19, 2007


This weekend is the first family vacation we have had since we got pregnant with Jack. If truth be told, ON our last vacation, was when we got pregnant. I know, TMI. ANYWAY....

We are heading to Vegas! But this isn't your normal family vacation. We are going to a Family Conference, but we will be split up. Steve and I have classes to go to. Nick has his age group, Parker has his, and Jack and Emma will go to kids camp! You can see our whole schedule at print program. I am excited for the boys, Nick and Parker, to get to do things, and learn, and meet new friends. But I'm nervous about them not having a real vacation. We don't have much time. Steve has taken so much time off work. Last week alone! So...

We are heading out of here on Sat. We are staying in St. George, before heading to Vegas. It's about a 7 hours drive to Vegas, 5 to St. George, WITH NO KIDS!! People have questioned, why stop in St. George. Well, my original answer was to break up the drive. As I have thought about it, Saturday will be our family day. In a perfect world. We'll get up bright and early, and head out before 8:00 am. Maybe even Friday night, if funds pan out... I'd LOVE to drive over to the Grand Canyon, but I'm sure that won't happen.

We'll be so busy in Vegas, I'm really looking forward to Sat. being just us. If we went straight to Vegas, we'd be with all the conference goers already. This way, it's a vacation before the vacation! I REALLY hope it will bring us back together. I'm tempted to leave my laptop home. I'm sure that won't happen though...*smirk* I just want to hang out with my family, ya know? At home, everyone is doing their own thing. Going their own separate ways, sitting in front of a box.

Emma is getting better everyday. But evenings are still hard. I just found out today, that the kids camp/child care, will be "manned" by moms, and respite workers! I feel SO MUCH better knowing that. I knew, they would have people in there who can handle kids with special needs. But it was confirmed this morning. And ya know, the whole conference takes place in a small area of the hotel, so it's not like we'll be in another building or something.

Wish me luck on packing for 5 people. Steve told me last night all he needed was a shirt and a pair of shorts, and he was set! *rolling eyes* My stomach flips, thinking about packing. Emma started yesterday. *rolling eyes again* I'm making my lists, and checking them twice, and then again! I'm sure I'll forget something. Let's just hope it's not anything too expensive. Last time, when we went to Logan, I forgot Jack's bottles... *sigh* Had to turn around.

Things I want to do in Vegas:

~ CVS I really want to go, but I won't die if I can't. It's an emotional thing. There is no CVS in Utah, I know, I'm a dork.
~ In and Out Burger! Oh my they are yummy! I think the boys will love them!
~ Shark Reef. We went when Emma was about 2. It is SO fun. My favorite part is the jelly fish!

I know, short list, but I told you, we are JAM PACKED!!

Wish me luck on bringing my tech dependent family back together... it's gonna be an adventure!


Sis Sarah said...

Have fun!!!!

I go to CVS about 3 times a week lol.

Danielle said...

WOMAN! We must go to In n Out together, I insist!! And where is the Shark Reef??? I wanna go if it's not too expensive!
While we're in St. G, it will be our family day too. Are you staying for the stuff on the 25th? We have to go home on the 24th, we just can't afford one more day.
Can't wait to see ya there!!

nickparkemjamom said...



I LOVE CVS. It as one of my high school jobs! There really is nothing like it out here. Walgreens is as close as it gets! When I do get to go...I get CVS brand stuff. Then I can see it in my cupboard! One time, when I was visiting Ma. My friend gave my 2 boxes of CVS tampons!!! :)

It makes me smile! It's a homesick thing!

nickparkemjamom said...

We'll see if we can coordinate In and Out. Shark Reef is really expensive. Click on the words Shark Reef there is a link to their website!

And we will prob drive on the 25th, if I get my way that is... ;)

Lisa M. said...

First of all, ya moron, The Grand Canyon is the other direction. Check out a map.

*smirk* Okay so I really didn't mean to call you a moron, and it really isn't totally the opposite.. direction only kind of-

And, I love In and Out Burger, if there really was a GOD, I am sure, there would be one, next door to me.

You need to go on a vacation with just you and Stevie wonderboy. You too need to discover each other's secrets, and grunt and grind a little.

*smirk* Well, I guess you could do that with your kids- but um,O H GEEZE. Sorry-

Anyway, I just know you are going to have a good time.



nickparkemjamom said...

I'm gonna go to the Grand Canyon, just to bug you!!

Just kidding!

So are you volunteering to watch my kids... let me knwo the timeand place...they'll be on your door step!!


Anonymous said...

Lisa you are to freakin funny

So I guess i can get you CVS brand anything for xmas and you'll be totally excited.


Have fun, my dear. You need it.