Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here they are!!!!!!!!! So Jack, is a "Chick Magnet". Emma is a "Snake Princess". Parker is "The Headless Horseman". And Nick, is a "Nerd Gone Bad". After the last year and a half, what else would I dress up as, but a "Doctor/nurse". I got some scrubs from Wal mart, and stuffed my pockets with all the medical supplies I had lying around, which were a'plenty. Emma thought it was great!

As per usual, it was an EXHAUSTING day, full of over stimulation. Emma is coming down with the thing that is kicking Steve's b u t t, at the moment. And Jack has been fighting it too. Cross all your fingers and toes, he doesn't get RSV, or something. But I have a feeling something bad is on the horizon. Call it impending doom, call it psychic, but, I'm just waiting. It HAS been like a month, since we've had an emergency...*rolling eyes*'s finally my favorite part of Halloween. Candy is overflowing, costumes, are dropped all over the house, everyone is in their beds, and I am on my way. I LOVE Halloween, but I love it more... when it's FINALLY over...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sorry for swearing, but I have been locked out of here for over a week!! I reset my password, and goggle seems to hate me or something, because it didn't keep it. I'm sure I was doing something wrong, but it has been VERY frustrating!! And it won't let me back in for 5 days, once I've tried it too many times.

ANYWHO....I'm back. If it doesn't kick me off again.

I got a new camera!! YAY!!! Here's a couple of pics from today!! Jack has gotten so old, since I was last able to take his picture!!

I can't wait to take pictures for Halloween, they all looked great last week, for our Ward Trunk or Treat, and then I took Jack and Emma to the Hydrocephalus Support Group Halloween party.

So...until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jack and Ethan

I know, it's been awhile. Sorry. Just feeling better, but exhausted. Lot's of stuff to tell you though!

First, Jack's appointment at Shriner's went great. The PT isn't worried about his hamstrings. They are very workable. She said to just stretch them every once in a while. His feet are bad, but not horrible. IS something that will affect the way he walks in the future. It will mess up his knees, and hips. So we need to fix it now, while they are still pliable. Ya know? So she wants us to switch doc's up there. We have been seeing a spine specialist, since we originally got into Shriner's with the scoliosis. But now that that is a non issue, she wants him to see a foot specialist. So that will be good. We got in the end of Nov. She wants Jack to have new DAFO's, but we are waiting to see the Dr, and see what he recommends. She thinks he will only need orthotics in his shoes. Guess I should make him wear shoes more often, eh?

It was fun to see Jack up there walking. He thought the revolving door was cool. We had to go in it like 6 times. It was funny. Here's a couple of pics, from my phone. Sorry for the crappiness, otherwise known as the camera phone. Haven't had a chance to take the camera anywhere. Anyway, he was so cute, and couldn't get enough of the door.

And if you go up there and are wondering. THE PARKING GARAGE IS DONE!!! It is so beautiful! It looks like it's always been there. If you are familiar with Shriner's you know the saga of building it. It was like a year behind schedule. And tons of things went wrong. I was expressing my leeriness of parking on it, but was reassured, it was fine! *grin*


Also, I had the amazing opportunity, to attend the most amazing event. This is Ethan. Ethan is my boyfriend. Well, he is kind of young, but you know what I mean. This meeting was to learn about Ethan. Ethi is considered DeafBlind. Check this out, to learn more about the meeting. Be sure to click go here, for more info. It was wonderful. I learned so much about him, and I think everyone there was enlighten, and inspired to be part of his life. It was humbling really. There was so much love in the room. I was honored to be a part of it. Although I feel like I didn't contribute much, I was able to help with set up, and be of service to Ethi's sweet mom. Never thought I'd refer to her as sweet, but there ya go. I think some GREAT things will come out of the meeting.

I got to spend the night with them, me and Jack, which was wonderful beyond words. It was so fun to see Jack interacting with Ethan. And I think Ethan liked Jack too!! One thing that Ethan's Deafblind Consultant said, has stuck with me. She said her main concern was that, "Others are not benefiting from his association." That is so profound to me. I wish I could tell you how amazing it was. But the words are just not coming to me. This little boy has so much to offer. The people who serve and know him, are changed forever. I hope YOU will take the opportunity to get to know Ethan, or someone like him. You will not regret it!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Stuff, Stuff and Stuff

Today was better. But I didn't really have a choice. Thrown back into life. No ones fault, just life. But really, my b u m, is great. It's weird really. Wasn't even that gimpy, if that makes sense. I have had a dull headache, all day. Three doses of m o t r i n, and still there. I hope I'm not catching Nick's crap.

I went to the Internal medicine Dr today. To check in on the happy pills. We're upping the dose, see if that helps. I took Jack and Emma, as it was just a chatting visit. When we pulled up to the hospital, where the office is, Emma said, "This is the hospital!" I said, "Yep, this is where they fixed my b u m!" As we were pulling up to valet, she said, "Are all these people getting their b u m's fixed?" Oh the mind of a child.

After the appointment, since Jack was with me, we went over to the Women's Center to visit Maternal Fetal Medicine. As we walked in, Emma said, "Isn't this where you got Jack?" heehee I'm actually kind of surprised she remembered it. We had a nice visit with our favorite ultrasound tech, and one of the Doctors. As you can imagine, they LOVE to see him doing as well as he is.I told them how I spoke in that class. Hopefully, they will refer moms to me going through some of the same stuff. It would be really cool, if we could do a special support group once a month or something. I'm going back to the hospital next week, for my post op. Maybe I'll run over again, and mention it!


If you don't know this about me, I LOVE reality competition shows. American Idol, I'm completely obsessed. Jan can't come fast enough. But luckily, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars fill in the gap!! Oh how I love watching your average person go on to greatness.

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars. I thought it was kind of dumb the first couple seasons, and then thought I'd give it a chance last season. OH MY HECK!!! I LOVE IT. I love watching the goofy stars be graceful. Watching the little clips of how hard they work, and then seeing it pay off. I am of course LOVING Marie Osmond, and Jennie Garth, and even Jane Seymour, for doing the MOM representation. They are so fun to watch. Helio- something too hard to say, is SO fun to watch, and I love Julianne from last season. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. Seriously, makes me so happy. Don't we all just need to have fun and pure happiness. There costumes are a tad immodest, but I just try to ignore it. And most of the time, the dancers BEAMING faces, overshadow, the lack of fabric!!


Oh, and I wanted to tell you what Parker made yesterday. I so wanted to get a picture of it, but it didn't work out. Anyway, he STOLE butter out of my fridge, and made a sculpture of a budda. That's right, and butter sculpture. I honestly didn't know whether to kill him or applaud him for his artistic abilities. I'll see if I can get him to make another one, so I can get a picture.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh my...

When I was pregnant with Nick, my good friend Stacie, told me about her pediatrician, whom she LOVED. We went to visit him, just before Nick was born and have been going to him ever since.

Four kids later...this fish tank has been loved by all of them. I remember having to hold Nick up, to see in the fish tank. And then, when Parker came along, having to hold both of them up, and sometimes, pulling a chair over, or sitting next to it, so they could both sit on my lap, and see the "shish". That's what Nick called them.

Tonight, I took him in, to just get a check over, and he stood up to look at the shish. I said, "Nick, you used to not be able to see in the tank!" He said, "Mom! I still can't see in the tank!" Looking at it now, almost brings me to tears. How how how, did he get so big.

He is fine by the way, just a good 'ole cough.


Yesterday was pretty good. Even left the house, made dinner, put make up on, and put real clothes on!! I've been wearing sweats! I only took m o t r i n too. But by evening, I was done. And if the sore b u m wasn't enough, I got you know what yesterday... two weeks early. UGH. Seriously...what the heck!!?!?

As far as Jack's IFSP. He is now getting speech, occupational, and teacher, twice a month. We are still waiting on the PT consult, but I'm heading to Shriner's on Wend. We'll see what they want to do. I KNOW he needs new DAFO's, and our OT thinks he may need higher ones. Higher up his leg. I'm just worried about walking and that. Guess we'll see...we all know how I LOVE that!! *rolling eyes*

And it was fun to go over his goals from 6 months ago, and realize he has done most, of most of them. If you know what I mean. Like... we had a goal he would follow directions 60 % of the time. And while it's hard to say whether he is ABLE to, or CHOOSES not to...he is doing great! Now we are working on drinking from a straw, this will be interesting. Balancing on one foot. Imitating sounds, I think we have him down for knowing 5 animals. I have this cute picture of Emma with a baby cow. He was looking at it the other day, and kind of saying...Moo! So I was thinking, we have a little farm near by, and I would love to take him over there and take pictures of him with some of the animals, and make him a little book. And butt was cut open...*rolling eyes...again* But last night, he was in the tub with Em, and hollering..."MOM!" It was so funny. A long deep MOM!!! I'll try to get it on video! He is so funny.

Nick seemed better yesterday, but today, seems worse. Maybe I'll take him in tonight. My peds office has an after hours clinic, which I LOVE, but they don't open till 5:00. So now I'm just waiting for everyone else to get sick. Make the rounds ya know? *sigh*

I really wanted to go to church today, but it's just not gonna happen. First of all, I can't possibly sit for that long. Second of all, when it comes to leading the music, I really don't want to be getting up, and sitting cautiously, ya know? It's embarrassing enough. Don't really want to stand up in front of everyone. Thirdly, by the time I got everyone ready, I would need a 3 hour nap. Again, I think it's so weird, how the WHOLE body is affected, by one area being cut open.

Well that's all for today, unless something else comes up!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Knock on wood...would ya...

The b u m. SO MUCH BETTER!!! I only took one l o r t a b yesterday. ALL DAY!! YIPEE!!! And while it's only 9 am, I am sitting in the chair!!! Ok, off to the side...but still!! Don't get me wrong, it's still uncomfortable, but pun intended. And I've been taking m o t r i n, but I think I may be on the path of losing my l o r t a b excuse!! That's a good thing...right???

I'm thinking of actually putting shoes on today. My feet have been on the floor a lot, I even made dinner last night, and even get to blow dry my hair, in the morning. I still need to take it easy, cuz I know all too well, what happens, when I do too much, impeding my recovery. It's strange how the WHOLE body reacts even when it's only little piece that had surgery!

It's been very humbling, to be on the outside of my family, yet right smack in the middle. If any of you have done this, you know what I mean. I will say, for the most part, they all stepped up. They all had their moments, some more than others. It's hard on the kids, when something happens to their main caregiver. Jack was very clingy to my mom. And Emma had a few more meltdowns than usual. Nick ended up sick himself, with a nasty cough. I'm watching him for signs of strep. I don't know. He's had a little fever, but it hasn't knocked him out. Which is kind of good, cuz he has been a good helper. He even picked up a sleeping Emma and put her to bed!!

Also, I've been tagged, but I'm still check back for that. It's a MEME. Should be exciting!!

Oh, and I hope you like my new header! Still dabbling in digital scrap booking. I'd LOVE to take an actual class. Ya, I'll do that in my spare time!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


One of my weaknesses, is donuts! Oh how I love them. I grew up with Dunkin Donuts. Boston Cream, and Honey Dipped being my favorite. We had a tradition in our family, that for breakfast on our birthdays, we would have donuts! I've tried to continue this with my own family. But Steve wants something healthier... *rolling eyes* Moving to Utah was sad, cuz there is no Dunkin Donuts here. Every time my mom would come to visit, her ticket OFF the plane, was Dunkin Donuts. *grin*

Here in Utah, we have Banbury Cross, which is so good it should be illegal. But they are downtown, and pricey, so I don't get them often. And we used to have a Krispy Kreme near by, but for some reason they closed. If you haven't had their hot glazed...oh my...THAT is a treat. Totally melts in your mouth. I wish there was something a little closer, ok, not really...cuz then I would probably be in a diabetic coma!! PCMC has really good donuts, it's something I can look forward to when I go up there!!

Why am I talking about donuts you ask? Well, almost EVERYONE I talk to about my b u m, says..."Do you have one of those donuts?" If you don't believe the comments on my last post. While I appreciate everyone's suggestions, all this donut talk is making me a little crazy. I think, 12 years ago; maybe it was Parker, cuz I pushed for 2 and a half hours, so 10; they gave me a donut to sit on. It was worse than sitting on the couch. For me... it let everything hang, and was so much worse. They didn't give me one this time, maybe for that reason. Even when I'm just laying on the couch, it needs to be "supported". The donut makes no sense to me. They tell you not to sit on the toilet for too long. How is the donut any different. Am I doing it wrong!? I would rather SIT on my incision, then have it hanging... YA KNOW?

So the moral of my story...

Donuts you eat....good. Donuts you sit on....BAD!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting old...

This is getting old. I was never on bedrest with any of the kids, but I can only imagine... It's weird, cuz I'm not sick, just in excruciating pain. I tried to not take the l o r tab today, and took something else...not a good plan. Jack had his IFSP (parent teacher conference, with his therapists) I feel so dumb, laying on the couch. Whatever.

This is the view I have from my couch, when I sit up far enough to eat. I had to take it wih my camera phone, so it's crappy quality, but you can see how blue the sky is, and the pretty trees!! The dark at the top is the roof of the porch.

My mom has been so great. I know how tired she is, but I just can't function on my own. I can't take care of myself, let alone the kids. Sure Nick and Parker are great, but Emma and Jack need stuff. I can't really pick up Jack, or change his diaper. You see... I can't ALL. *rolling eyes*

I called my doctors office today, and they said the pain...means it's healing...OH GREAT! I should be better soon!!! *rolling eyes again* Oh and does anyone have any ideas for a sitz bath, that does not include my po o per sitting on the hard tub?? I'm SO not doing it :)

I just keep thinking...this too shall pass...right? I am looking forward to looking back and saying...OH I had that done...IT WAS HORRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be able to do things for myself, and my kids for that matter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Flat face... :)

I was looking at old videos, and just had to share this one again. It's right before his first surgery. He was such a flirt with the nurses. I was so excited to catch it on film...

So freakin cute!

Also, I found the picture I was talking about in the last post.
Do you see what I mean? And I think it's cool, his shadow in the background. Oh, and pardon the messy face...

Monday, October 8, 2007


Today's been a little better. I FEEL better, but "the region" is still sore, and potty horrid. Sorry if TMI. This morning, Emma was holding my hand, and gave me a hug around my neck, and was rubbing my back. Then Jack, one time, came in, and was rubbing my arm. *sigh* They make me cry.

In other news...

Jack is signing more!!! He has had, "more", and recently got "drink", and has been doing "please" and "eat" too. He also started patting his diaper, three times, strangely enough, to tell us, he needs a new diaper. Or when I say, are you poopy? It's so funny, to carry on a conversation with him. He is so cute!

I'm also worried about a couple of things with him. His feet/ankles are getting worse, and his OT noticed he walks with his knees slightly bent. meaning his hamstrings are tight. I think I've told you about this already. Anyway...we have an appointment at shriners with the PT and to see about new DAFO's.

Also, I've been noticing more how flat his face is. I'm worried he will need something drastic when he gets older. I worry about making that decision. Do we fix it because he might look weird? Will it affect his speech? I know...why worry now....I try not to... but it's hard.

Oh and the kids broke the camera. Right before my surgery, so I haven't been able to take it anywhere. Wish my luck.

I'm tired, but I took a shower, and have been upright more today. So that's something...right? I hate being down. I'm missing so much stuff, and I hate living on the outside of my family. I hate that I still can't DO anything. But friends have brought in meals, and my Mom, is spending the day waiting on me! Mom's ROCK! Of course yesterday was her birthday. And f course, I was lame. I plan on making it up to her... when my bottom is better!! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What dessert are you most like?

You Are a Cupcake

Cute and fun, you never take life too seriously.
People are constantly surprised by how delightful you are.
What Dessert Are You Most Like?

Hmmm...what do you think??

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sweet kids...

It's been an OK day. It hurts, but again, not as bad as before it was fixed. And when I go for a ride in the car...not a good plan. I was nauseous for like 3 hours, and didn't get my meds on time. *sigh* It's also been weird, to only hurt, in one place. I keep grabbing my belly, like it should hurt. Also, "the girls" aren't engorged, and raw. Usually when I have pain...down there...I have horrid cramps, and get the idea. It's just weird how the brain works!!

Emma has been so cute. This morning, she got me a drink, without me even asking, and then offered to make me a sandwich! She is so sweet! I had told her earlier, I was scared to go potty, and would she hold my hand when I had to go. (trying to use something in common, so she'd feel bad for me.) So when number two was on it's way, she jumped at the chance to hold my hand! She even held mine, between her two hands, and would rub my arm occasionally. Seriously...does it get better than that??

The boys have been pretty helpful too. And when they bug me too much, I threaten to "show" them. :) But they really have been great. I did call to Nick the most this morning, cuz I was nauseous, and his is the easiest to say, and uses the least b*tt muscles!! Oh, and when Steve took them to a movie, Parker gave me a hug before they left. That doesn't happen very often...he is WAY too cool. ;) I also asked Nick tonight, to p u l l my pants down! He and Parker looked at me like I was nuts! What I meant was my sweats, had ridden up to my knee, and were bugging me! It was funny!!

Jack has been so sweet too. Today I have spent most of the latter part of the day on the couch, instead of my bed, which is good for Jack, cuz he can see me. He keeps coming up, and kissing me, on the lips! I keep trying to get him to "fetch". Nothing yet...but I'm working on it!!

I feel so blessed. Sure they are loud when I'm trying to sleep, and fight, and scream. But when they help like that, it makes me humbled, and reminds me that maybe, I've done something right!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm home!

K, so I have thought about this all day. And I figured I would tell you with out telling you. You guys are smart right!?

I've had a real pain in the A** for about a year now...and today had one of them removed. The other one, is waiting on me, and getting off my "pain in the A** list!" ;)

The surgery went great! But waiting I was in SO much pain, I ended up bawling again! Oh how I hate that! Once I got back to preop, they put in the IV, and gave me 2 doses of did nothing...*rolling eyes* Luckily, they took me back fairly quickly, I transfered to the OR bed, and next thing I knew, I was on my way back to recovery. They numbed my b*m so good, it's just now starting to hurt...a little. ANYTHING is better than the pain I've been in!

So I'm just hanging out, well not anymore, the Dr fixed that....sorry...

I thoroughly enjoyed being put to sleep. Think I'll go back tomorrow!!! Just kidding! I woke up, like I was waking up from a nap! It was so nice! So...So far so good! I'll try to update tomorrow!! Sorry, no pictures!! You REALLY don't want to see that!!! :)

Thanks for all the well wishes!! It means a lot!

Thoughts before my surgery

K, so this has been coming... I knew that. But it really snuck up on me. And it's been weird, doing this thing...for a grownup. I've done it 7 times in the last year and a half. But never for a grown up. I was thinking, I know what to expect. It's surgery, I've spent the last year and a half consumed by surgery. Maybe it's the word...

BUT...this is for grown ups. I have never been under general. My baby has...but I haven't. I've been sedated, years ago, for dental work. and had spinals, for c sections. But Parker and Emma were totally natural. So, I'm not really sure how this will go. Guess I will find out.

I'm really thinking of figuring out a way to stay over night. *sigh* sad huh...

So with all our previous "surgery's" I have had a long time to prepare. This...nothing. And I was laid up last night. Yesterday, started out feeling like crap. And then it happened...The worse pain I've ever had. Seriously. So last night, I was wasted. I did manage to get a load of laundry in.

So...I am anxious to see what a grown up goes through. And I'm anxious to have it taken care of. And it will be nice...I hope, to be taken care of....instead of me doing it!

I'm really "bummed" cuz last night, I missed a seminar I was really looking forward to, and tomorrow is our big party. In my wildest dreams, I will have some great drugs, and be able to go for a little bit. But who knows... Oh, and I spent last night making a video for the party. Check it out. I would embed it, but it's not the subject of my post, so here:

The Faces of Early Intervention!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Guess who's having surgery...

You'll never guess...

ME. Friday.

I would tell you what it is, but you...would be the world wide web. I'll tell you it's an 'ectomy... a gross one. I was in so much pain today, I spent most of the day bawling. Luckily, my mom came to the rescue, and Tasha, watched the kids.

So stupid. But this has been bugging me a LONG time, so it will be nice to get it taken care of. If you want more details, email me...I'll tell ya. Just don't want people to be able to google it! Ya know?

It's a same day surgery. Oh well, could use a vacation ya know? *rolling eyes* I'll try to update tomorrow night...

Oh, and the picture, I took on Emma's field trip yesterday. I'll pretend to be there, instead of the hospital tomorrow!

William Tell Mom Song

You may have seen this... So far this week, I have gotten it from 3 friends!!

This is too funny. Wish I had thought of it! For that matter, wish I could sing it...but I wouldn't be able to get though it!!


Monday, October 1, 2007

Jack is stable... Emma stinks...

Jack's CT went great! He was again...SO CUTE! I got pictures this time, because hopefully, we won't be back anytime soon! You can find more here. Everything is fine. The fluid around the outside is a little less, but the Dr really thinks it's a non issue, and his venticles, are the same!!! YAY!!! I was SO dreading going. But we were in and out in under an hour!! YIPPEE!!! And to leave with good news....what a nice change!

Emma's cast is off. And her arm...STINKS!!! YUCK! The removal was a NIGHTMARE to say the least. She really thought her arm was going to be cut off. the's off, and she is happy! She was so excited to show Daddy and the boys! When someone new would come home, she would hide her arm, and "surprise" them! It was cute! But once again, she doesn't want me to take her picture, so here is one I snuck in again!