Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Visions in My Head

Are you this way? You picture something, and it's totally different than what was in your head? Whether it be taking 3 kids to the movies by yourself, and thinking "This will be fine, I can do it!" Or thinking, " I don't want to go to the Delta center, it will take 5 hours, once I leave my house, till I sit in a seat."

I do this all the time. I either over think it, and don't put enought thought into it.

Like all of Jack's surgeries. WAY over think them. WAY stress about them. Then Emma's surgery last summer, I really thought it would be fine, and incidental. Um no.

I'm starting to freak out, because Jack's shunt is coming up on a year old, and the last one only lasted a yr. and a half. Do I demand another MRI, or just go for a CT scan. Do I really want to pay for an MRI, when then shunt will be failing ...AGAIN. Or is he fine, and the shunt it fine. I don't want to call, cuz they will say..."Is he having symptoms?" Uh..NO!!! Wasn't last time either! Idiots...

I'm just so tired, emotionally, and physically, I can't deal with idiots right now. I need to call Shriners too. ugh. Calgon take me away.

This year for PTA, I picked a job I thought would be easy, and toward the end of the year. Volunteer Appreciation. Just make up a few little "gifts". Well, if you know me, it has to be cute, and if you know kids, it has to be durable enough to travel in a backpack. :) So I came up with this.

Simple enough right? HA! I went back an forth as to what to do. Then Emma's teacher gave hangers to all the parents. At first I thought it would not work, but then came up with my own poem, and the hangers were 10 for a dollar at one store and 8 for $ .95 an another. See I didn't want to buy them all at one place, I needed 30 sets. I thought, "One hanger is a lame present, so they need two." So I had to tie two together. No big deal right? It is when you two yr old, keeps grabbing the yarn and RUNNING!!

So I came up with the poem:

You've been in the class, or gone on the bus
You've made a difference in school for us.
So thanks for hanging in there the whole year through
We couldn't have done it, without some one like you!

Cute right? I wanted it on card stock...remember the back pack? And had to feed the paper into the copier. Annoyance number one. and apparently I can't add, not new information. I made WAY too many. Then I have to cut them. In an effort to fit as many on a page, they-once cut- were much smaller then I had envisioned. Then there is an automatic hole puncher at school, so I just figured I would use that to punch the holes, to attach the card! *rolling eyes*

The thing is not see through, and my cards are too there goes that plan. I got a hole punch, and after one attempt, and the thought of punching 140 holes, I gave up, and tape was my new best friend.

Do you have any idea how much space 280 hangers take up? Oy ve!

So the process begins. I have about 25 classes, and varying amounts of volunteers per class. Some had one, while others had 16 or 17. That doesn't seem fair does it. But I digress. I HAD to keep it organized. It took me 5 classes to figure out how to keep one class of hangers together. So I sat on the floor, with hangers everywhere, yarn, scissors, tape and tags(with the poem on them), and the lists from the teachers, with all the volunteers on them. I had to have method to the madness. First I would tie a bunch together, then I would write the person's names on the tags- a classes worth, then tape the tag to the hangers, then attach a class worths together. Good plan right? It worked well for a while, and I got in a groove, but seriously needed help, as my pile of hangers seriously didn't seem like it was going down at ALL. But the thought of bringing someone in, to help me, or taking them to school and getting a line going or something, just wasn't working. It took me so long to figure out what I was doing, I didn't have time to get someone else involved. But Emma called my mom, sensing my panic, and seeing my pile, so Mom came to my rescue. She could see what I had going, and simpley tied the hangers together.

Then I had to transport them to the school. I was imagining I would have to deliver them to the classes, and when I got the the school, I was reminded that it was field day, and everyone was outside. I almost threw up-most of the teachers lock their classrooms.

But someone was watching over me, and MOST of them fit in their boxes! WOO HOO!! I had to deliver 3, cuz they had so many, and only one was locked, so I just hung it on her door handle, DUH! They were hangers!!! :)

So the crazy day, worked out fine. In the middle of it, I wasn't so sure. They should go home, today, seeing as yesterday, the firetuck came after field day and squirted them, just before school got out. So they already had their back packs outside.

And speaking of the firetruck, I was so glad to have made it this year. I missed it last yr, cuz Jack was sick in the hospital. It's my favorite thing of the yr. the kids love it, and there is no scream like that of 500 + kids getting sprayed with water from the top of the firetruck. And Jack thought the firetruck was THE coolest thing. Have I told you is newest obssesion is trucks! The bigger the better! Everytime we are in the car...MOM!MOM! and the car comes close to imploding, as he gasps with excitement! Too cute!

So hopfully, I can start to find a happy medium, between overanalizing, and oversimplifying. If you have some stratagies, I'd be happy to hear them!!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holy Hormones

So I just got a comment on Facebook on an old family picture. I knew it was an old picture, Jack was about 8 months old!

Well, as I was looking at myself leaning in, to be closer to his sweet face, it struck me how Nick is now nose to nose with me. Much to his dismay, I am still taller. So I had to take a picture, just now, with my still the quality is horrid, but it's what's in it that's important.

Let me remind you, these were taken about a year and a half apart.

How scary is that... YES, it's the same child, NO he's not standing on anything...


I'm going to throw up now. ;)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tuesday there were donuts! :) nuf said.

Tuesday the boys sang along(but not too loud) at Emma's program, and I cried at the cuteness of it all.

Tuesday Parker reverted back to when he was four, and laid in the stream we were floating boats in. *rolling eyes*

Tuesday we said good bye to friends and favorite teachers. Sometimes the end of school really stinks.

Tuesday was filled with hope and pride for Murray's favorite son. A bunch of people crazier than me, donated over 150 go phones, so everyone could text their votes in. I got to help get the phones ready. It was a mad rush and in the end, we ran out of phones.

Tuesday we had a great meal while texting and calling in for David. A local restaraunt catered the voting party, with chicken breast, some BBQ beef, rice, salad, roasted red pots, and green beans. Seriously yummy and free. I think they knew it was my birthday. :)

Tuesday, between me, other members of my family, and 4 phones, we voted around 1000 times. I know...

Wednesday I was a year older.

Wednesday I had to drag myself to the finale at the Delta Center Energy Solutions Arena(I hate it when they changes the names of buildings).

Wednesday there was about 2 hours and 55 minutes of fun, and cheering, and excitment. then 4000 people were punched in the stomach. Emma cried.

Wednesday was filled with hope and pride for Murray's favorite son. :)

Thursday Emma and I are still wearing our "I voted for David Archuleta" shirts. But they have a whole new meaning, the day after.

Thursday I made reservations for our hotel, for our Myrtle Beach trip, and was told it would cost over one thousand dollars for 3 days. See, they think my boys can't sleep on the floor, so they were making me get two rooms.

Thursday-45 minutes of hell after I made those reservations- an angel emailed me, and told me her organization was going to pay for our hotel on top of the plane tickets they had already purchased. She didn't know I was in hell. She does now...and we both cried.

Thursday, I'm beginning to get excited about our trip, because now we can actually afford to have fun!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Big 4-0

So tomorrow's the day. The day I become middle aged. Yes? Is it 40 or 50? I don't know. Anyway.. as the day approaches, I find myself reflecting on my life. 40 years on earth. Sheesh, that's a long time. But when I look back on it, I'm glad it took 40 years! :) I've been a busy girl!

Sure there's things I would change, but then I think I wouldn't be who I am today. I know, I've talked about this before, so I'll direct you back to this post. But honestly, don't you look back and think why did I do this, or that. Why did I date him or her...just kidding. HIM! Why did I make that choice or this one. I could spend a lifetime thinking about it. Thinking about, if I hadn't gone to Ricks, or Disneyland, or Logan. What if I had stayed in Cali. What if I had gone to Cali straight out of HS, with a certain boy. What if I'd picked the Cali boy, over the Utah boy. Most of this probably doesn't make sense to you, and that's ok, it does to me! :) And I am once again thinking "out loud" on my blog!! ;)

Then I look at my kidlets. Gracious. Nick is now nose to nose with me. It's insane. I remember like it was yesterday, wanting desperately to get married, and start a family. 4 new people, and 15 years later... my 40th Birthday is tomorrow.

Sometimes, too often actually, I think what have I done with my life. Sure I have 4 beautiful kids. Sure they have a bad habit of not listening and leaving their crap everywhere, but what kid isn't like that. They are compassionate wonderful people, and when the chips are down, they shine. We have our struggles, but I know they love each other, and are kind and considerate, in public mostly... ;)

So I'm having a HUGE carnival/party. Everyone who's anyone will be there. Mariah, Tom and Rita, Pink. We'll have games, and a ferris wheel, and bumper cars...Oh wait, that was Ellen. *rolling eyes* Wish my girlfriend would throw me a party like THAT! Whatever.

It will be a busy day, even without the carnival. Emma's program, and picnic are in the morning, then I have choir, and maybe a David Voting Party, I'm deciding if I can do both. Since it's the big 40, I'm hoping to get a nap in as well! ;)

So here's to the last 40 years, may the next 40 be a little less eventful!! ...ya right...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More pictures, just for fun

I was going through looking for a picture earlier, and foudn some cute ones I hadn't shared yet, so I thought I would. If you read my post about David A's homecoming, you know my camera stopped working. I feel like my right arm has been severed. I tried to take it back to Cost co, but my 90 days to return it, was up, so I called the company, and they are supposedly emailing me, within the next 3 -5 min. -a half hour ago- the info to ship it back to fix it. *sigh*

So in honor of my fallen camera...enjoy...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I think Emma looks beautiful in turquiose. And I can't resist buying her dresses under $10.

My niece is graduating from HS, in a couple of weeks. The first date I went on with DH, he told me his sister was pregnant. Of course he was a dumb 19 yr old, and did'nt know when she was due. The next day, he told me, his sister had her baby. The niece graduating, is said baby. Oh my...

I miss my sister. And her children. And she is rude enough to have another one...without me.

I made a fun video for Parker's teacher. It was a confessional of sorts. I recorded his classmates and him, telling her why they love her so much. It is touching and hysterical! Fourth graders are funny.

I'm addicted to text messaging. I sent a text to my friend the other day, in hopes she could text back, and got a long text about how she can't text and to just call her. Then yesterday, she kept saying I love you, and thank you. So I said, stop sending me templates. So the next text I get... I love you Thank you Hi Call me when you get this message. Talk to you soon. I laughed out loud.

I co-oped in Emma's class for the last time today. It has been SO stressful to have to co-op. It been hard to find someone for Jack, and we had so much illness over the winter, I had to cancel-at the last minute like 5 times. But being there, was SO FUN! I wish I had the patience to do it ever day. Her teacher, is the same teacher, Nick and Parker had, when they were 4, going on 5. Well Nick was never 5 in her class, and Parker was only 4 for about a week, but I digress... It's been fun to relive everything with Emma. I can't wait till their program next week. Same songs, same actions, same butterfly release. It's gonna be great!

I hate World of Warcraft.

I love Face book. This weekend alone, I found 4 friends from HS. What I love about MY facebook, is the ecclectic collection of friends I have there. All but 2 are people I really know either from support groups, or in person. I think that's cool. It's fun to reconect with long lost friends.

I found out yesterday, from a friend that found ME on facebook, that two of our friends from HS are getting married. You wonder why that is worth mentioning? Well, said friends, "KIND OF" dated in HS, he was MADLY in love with her, but she had a boyfriend. I can't believe after about 24 years, he finally convinced her! Oh how I would LOVE to be there!!!

My birthday, is a week from today. The big 4-0. It's kind of hard to fathom. I've been wanting to have a huge party, but it's not gonna happen. We can't spend any extra money before our trip to Myrtle Beach the end of June. But... IDOL finale is the night of my bday, well the singing part, not the winner part. And Emma's program is too. But just in case anyone is is my birthday wish list:

Clean house
Clean windows
New clothes
My laptop and camera fixed, magicly
A new car
A plane ticket to anywhere
World Peace
David Archuleta to win Idol

Ok the last few are silly, but still, that's my list.

I ripped the hell out of my ankle/heel. Oh my, it hurt. Then my thumb started hurting, now my back hurts. I hate getting old.

Watch for me on Idol tonight. I'll be the middle aged women wearing an orange shirt! ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Great way to start the day!

This is such an amazing story, and in the world of grief and strife-oh sorry, shall we start singing- it's comforting to know, there are still people out there, willing to just do the right thing.

And what a day today will be!!! I called it a LONG time ago And then, I told ya'll he would be coming home. Um...that would be today!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!! Even my doubting children are getting exctied!! I told them they were coming whether they liked it or not! :)Here you can probably see it all! But I, my friends, will be front and center!!! This link will work too!!

Be on the edge of your seat for my report of the days activites!!! :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Music to my ears

I have been toying with putting music on here. But I found so many of my favorite songs today, I went ahead and did it. The player is at the bottom, you can just turn it off, if you don't want David, or Clay, or Donny serenading you! ;) There's so fun music from Enchanted, and Wicked too!! And of course Barry!

You'll ave to scroll through, and see what's there! Find "Whenever Your In Trouble", by Donny. It is SO beautiful!! Sings to my heart these days!!

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you, you can turn it off!! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Side Links

Hey Friends!!

I decided to add a new "catagory" to my links. It's for our friends who also have clefts in the family. If I don't have you listed, let me know, and I'll add ya! or if you want me to take you off, I can do that too! ;)

The reason I started this here blog, was to help others going through similar life stuff. One way, is to provide links, and lead people to others, who have been there too!

Thanks for putting up with my rantings... I love all of you who left a comment on my last rant. I'm STILL fired up!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh my hell


This fine Sabbath Morning, I find myself reading the paper, on line of course, my house is messy enough! Sometimes I just shouldn't. I saw this article. Seriously. Wah wah boo hoo...

I'm so sick of the media jumping on a "story", with out having all the info. I hate the word "allegedly", well, Kathy Griffen makes it funny, but I digress. Why is it, that when someones hears something, they don't investigate. Why do the naturally, FREAK out, and call everyone, and tell them not to do something. If "they" would have researched it, they would have found out, yes, we baptize, but it is still the persons choice, whether to accept it! Goodness...

Or how bout all this FLDS crap. Oh my, seriously. Officials have been trying to bring them down for ever. It makes me sick. And yes, old men, impregnating young girls, makes me sick too, but, why not rip the men away from the families. There certainly are less of them. Instead, let's put strain on an already strained foster care system, when their mothers are perfectly capable of caring for them. GET RID OF THEM MEN! Of course they scattered like the coakroaches they are. Leave them alone, if they want to live like that, it's their buisness. Wait till the girls are 18, and even give them a choice! It all comes down to freedom of choice does it not? Even when your dead, you can still make a choice.

I heard this quote a while ago. "People need to stop looking in windows, and start looking in the mirror." I am SO sick of being judged, I can't even tell you. Jack has a "disabilty". I'm sorry, have you met him? My boys have long hair, Emma has accidents. My lawn isn't mowed. There are toys all over it. Mirror people!

You can't hear one thing about someone, or something, and take your whole impression from that! It's not fair to the person or organization. Would you take something a small child said once, and call DCFS? A sane, reasonable person wouldn't. Would you think the mormons are baptizing all the catholics for revenge or to STEAL them? Would you think changing school boundries, to included apartments, means too many low income kids will now come to the school? Give me a freakin break. I've heard from so many people, they are worried about our boundry changes at school. I'm sorry, do we NOT want our child to be loving and kind to all? Do we NOT want them to learn to love and accept everyone? Well, how are we gonna do that, if we only let them play with/go to school kids whose parents, make the same as us, and have the same skin color. Our kids are going to grow up to be as self rightous, and ignorant as we are. It's a viscious cycle isn't it?

Then there's this idiot. Oh did I say that out loud? *smirk* Standing up there on Capitol Hill, doing what I just said. Back when Jack was a baby, I went up to the Hill, and of course HE was there. What a moron. We were talking about, the Utah Birth Defects Network, how we needed money for surveilance! He was sitting up there all stupid and old manish, and he says..."Birth defects are a tradgedy." What a moron. Luckily, I had Jack with me, and brought him up to meet this ignoramous. I said, "Hello, I'd like you to meet my son Jack, he has 12 birth defects!" He didn't have much of a comeback for that. There's more, but I'm annoyed enough as it is... Just believe me, this man has a history I'm sure, of pulling his kids out of a school with the possibilty of too many low income kids, or called DCFS after asking a child a leading question, or thinks anyone but a mormon, is stupid, and should be ban. Sometimes...I really hate living in Utah.

Wow, that went off didn't it. Well... must go to church, and be fed.

My simple plea is this, to open our minds, not jump to conclusions, and be accepting of EVERYONE, no matter their skin color, or income bracket. We HAVE to stop looking in windows, and start looking in the mirror. Believe me, I'm not perfect either, but I certainly think, I am more accepting of others, than my neighbors.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm bored...

...Or maybe it's the only thing I feel like I have control over. I just love to change my blog though. Not where everything is...just how it looks. I love Cutest Blogs... If you haven't been there, check her out. Cute pages!! If you know of more let me know! Seeing that I change my blog background like once a week.

I have a habit of changing my furniture around too, but in this house, as opposed to the last one, there just aren't that many choices. So switching up here, works for me right now! :)