Wednesday, July 11, 2007

9:30 am Emma update

Still no pee. She still says it hurts, and now it stings to pee. It's bad. They brought in a portable ultrasound, and she has about 160 cc's of pee in her bladder. So everything is working, but her brain is telling her not to, cuz it will hurt! Stupid brain!

So the task at hand is getting her to pee. She's not gonna feel any better til she does. She the other task, is convincing her that this is the way to feel better. She is so full of fluid, in this picture she is awake, watching tv.

Also, now she has thrown up the only thing left in her tummy. And she won't put anything in her mouth.


I, am so tired I can barely see straight. And I'm anxiously awaiting the courtesy cart!! :) I REALLY need to catch some more shut eye, but they keep coming in and making her do stuff.

I'll let you know when she pees!!!


Lisa M. said...

Ah oh my freak

Keep us posted-

Amy said...

I am so sorry Jenny, I think the after is always worse! I hope she can pee soon. Poor baby and poor mama!

DanniRaye said...

So sad for poor Emma-loo. I remember how scared I was to pee after a catheter... I can't imagine how scared she must be to go! Give her a big gentle hug from us and tell her we think she's VERY brave!

Nancy Brown said...

I am so sorry miss Emma doesn't want to pee!! Hope she goes soon. Glad HOWEVER that you got the nice new rooms. The bed is MEMORY FOAM!! In a hospital. Is when they take that away from you and you go to Hell on the 2nd floor!!! Hope she feels better