Thursday, July 12, 2007

7:00 pm Still here...

Well, she is better, but still here. Right now, she is off all IV meds and fluids. And taking everything orally. But still won't walk.

We're just trying to get food in her. For dinner she ordered, pizza, mac and cheese, butterfinger milkshake, jello, sprite, veggies with dip(ok those are for me) doritos (for later munchies) and a rainbow cupcake!!! She had about 5 spoonfuls of mac and cheese, 1/8 of her 7 inch pizza, and the cupcake!

She has been on 2 walks in the wagon. And spent about 5 minutes blowing bubbles. I got her being cute and happy on video too. YAY!

So it looks like tomorrow. Another night here... let's hope it goes as well as last night!

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Sis Sarah said...

Jenny, since she's doing much better you can request that no one is allowed into her room unless they speak with the nurse first. They can put a sign up on her door. That way tom dick and harry stay out of the room and let you guys sleep.

I hope you spring loose tomorrow.

Thinking about you