Sunday, August 21, 2011

I need some thoughts...

I'm debating whether or not to go into Jack's kindergarten class and "tell them how cool he is."

I would bring baby pictures, probably just this poster and explain a little bit about his cleft. Talk about why he talks a little different, and have him show them his retainer.

The reason I'm debating? I don't want to bring attention if they don't notice. But I also don't want them staring and wondering. A couple of years ago, a child at school asked me why he looked like frankenstein. *sigh* But I also don't want to single him out. Or make him feel uncomfortable.

I hate that he's in-between. In-between typical and extra special. At home, we just act like there is nothing wrong. But as he goes out into the world, they probably won't.

I'm so not ready to throw him to the wolves, so to speak. On one hand, I'm so glad his teacher's are glorious women I have known for years. On the other hand, I will not be there. Emma will be there, in the same hall even. So that's good. I guess. :/ It looks as if I am the one with the issue. haha

So my question is, what do you all think? Should I make a special moment, to "introduce him" or wait until something "comes up""? I have already talked to his teacher, and she is game for whatever. I also thought maybe I would just see if he can be the first student of the week. Then I could still tell them about his coolness, without making it a big deal. ...maybe...


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music Therapy

A local talk show did a great story on the Music Therapy department at Primary Children's. What amazing things they do!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sniffing out Joy

I am on an email list for Car-ol Lyn-ne Pea...rso..n (so google doesn't hit this). This came today, and I just love it!! I know you will too...

People who know me know that 98% of the time I am positive, even, and generally cheerful. And that about 2% of the time I am in my "Curse God and Die" mode, a bleak place into which I occasionally fall, in which I am convinced there is no meaning, no hope, and I ask myself What Mad Man Thought This All Up???

Those who know me also know that I spend a lot of time tracking Joy. The best minds that I study assure me that Joy is truly the reason for our existence. I've been collecting quotes on Joy for years. Here's one of my favorites--

You've got to sniff out joy. Follow the joy trail.
~Buffy St. Marie

That one helps me every day. I stop my self and say, Phew, that thought doesn't smell good. Let's sniff over here.

And what about this one?--

Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Want to see the unmistakable presence of God? Look at the Dalai Lama smile.

Many years ago I had an ongoing correspondence with a General Authority of the LDS Church, Elder Marion D. Hanks, truly one of the greats. In one of my letters I challenged him to use this next quote in his upcoming conference address. He did.

At the judgment day a man will be called to account for all the good things
he might have enjoyed and did not enjoy.
~Jewish Proverb

When I was still in my twenties I wrote a little verse that just now popped into my mind:

I knew that in heaven all are happy.
But I wish I'd known the reason before.
Only to the happy
Do they open the door.

What if that's true? What if joy is not a luxury, but a necessity? Friends, I promise to be more devoted to sniffing out the Joy trail. And I ask the same of you.

I too, challenge you to sniff out Joy. Some days... man... you have to sniff harder then others. ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

13 Things We Love About Parker

It's a tad late... :( But this is in Honor of his 13th Birthday

13. From Emma, "I love his laugh!! It makes me laugh."

12. He LOVES playing with little kids. I think he is jealous of them. ;)

11. He is a friend to all animals. Much to my dismay.

10. He plays the bass guitar, and acoustic guitar by ear.

9. He tells his friends not to say Retard. :)

8. He loves orange chicken.

7. He is kind, and caring, and sticks up for people.

6. We can’t find anything he ISN’T good at.

5. He is a loyal friend, and makes friends everywhere he goes.

4. He can laugh at himself.

3. His favorite color is pink.

2. He’s pretty much a stud.

1. Because he is OUR son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend... and NOT YOURS!!! :) Well I guess for some of you... he is YOUR friend!! YAY!!! You are as lucky as me!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 Things We Love About Nick

In Honor if his 15th Birthday...

15 Things We Love About Nick:

#15. His rugged good looks.
#14. He makes a mean Mac and Cheese
#13. From Emma: He is BIG, and can swing me around and give me piggyback rides!! :)
#12. He tries to see the good in everyone.
#11. He can open jars. :)
#10. He has an AMAZING memory. Which is good and bad... ;)
#9. He is so sweet and kind.
#8. He can eat a whole Little Caesars $5 pizza by himself.
#7. He is very witty and makes us laugh.
#6. He's very suave and charming. I wonder where he learned it from... :)
#5. He loves "playing" halo with Jack. Mostly cuz he can beat him. haha
#4. He has THE BIGGEST Heart!! And it's pretty tender, but don't tell him I told you that.
#3. He LOVES Ice cream. I know, not very unique, but I still love that about him. :)
#2. From Parker: He buys me food when he has money.... haha

THE NUMBER ONE REASON WE LOVE Nick: Because he is OUR son, brother, guy with black hair/cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend... and NOT YOURS!!! :) haha... cheesey, I know.

One Month Old

Yesterday :)