Thursday, July 12, 2007

11:30 PM Some yippees!!!

She's been drinking great, and eating. So...drum roll please...


She still is afraid to walk, that her tummy will hurt. Understandable! She is even afraid to stand up. Guess we'll be working on that tomorrow.

We tried to get her to walk, but she just cried and cried. So we gave up. I know a little bit how she feels, having had 2 c sections. Although I will say, she is doing MUCH better than I did. Of course she had her bladder cut into and I had layer, after layer, after layer, cut into... *rolling eyes*

Anyhoo...once she calmed down, and got her bed made up new, we played a little bit, and she was giggling! Oh how I've missed that giggle! We called home and talked to Daddy and the boys. Don't tell her I told you this, but she cried when she first heard each of them. And laughed when we tried to talk to Jack and he just kept pushing the buttons!! Silly boy!!

Then for some reason, we started painting...HER FACE!!! It was fun and she was so happy, and... Emma!!! Notice we have matching flowers on our hands!

She also has started talking to the people wearing scrubs! Up until now, she just ignores them. Her nurse tonight said, "Oh Emma, I've never heard your voice! It's so cute!!"

I'm worried about tonight, there is newborn next door who just had heart surgery. UGH!! And NO MOMMY!!!! I really don't get it. So she cries ALOT! Hope I can sleep through it!!


Sis Sarah said...

Out here (in MO & KS) the hospitals have been shocked that I stay with Wesley the whole time, duh!!!

I cannot even imagine leaving him alone in a hospital room all night (or all day).

I'm so glad the IV is out. Hope the rest of the day goes well.


DanniRaye said...

YAY for IV removal! Think she'll go home tonight??

Amy said...

Kaison had such a hard recovery with his tonscils out. We had to threaten going back to the hospital to finally get him to drink. It was so hard and at the time he was my only one (I was preggo with Kylie) but I bet you are having such a hard time being away from home.

I am glad she is getting better. Will they keep you again tonight or are they pushing the wallking so you can go home?