Sunday, July 15, 2007

She's Walking!!


She is up and walking around. Only for little bits at a time, but still doing it. She even went potty by herself this morning! And slept in a bit.

She is still in a lots of pain. I just didn't expect this much. She can't even wear pants, because it causes too much pressure on her incision. And she's wearing pull ups, still. You know that commercial, "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right know". That's her to the extreme. The tiniest amount of pee, sends her into a FRENZY. The bladder spasms, and the anticipation of the stinging on the way out, sends her over the edge. And this happens OFTEN. I haven't really kept score, but we had some friends over yesterday, for 2 and a half hours. She peed 6 times.
At least she's is making it most of the time, so we can just put it back on a few times. I asked the nurse to score me a package in the hospital. Good thing too. I went to get more, and they are $15.99!!!! What is that!?!?!? And I HAVE to get Huggies, because they have velcro sides. I can't "pull" something over her incision. Hopefully she'll be done before I need to by more. That is just ridiculous! UGH!! Pull ups are stupid...

Our other BIG challenge is she REFUSES to take her medicine. I know, I know, she's 4, make her. Um NO!! I was forced to take medicine when I was little, I'm still scarred from it. Besides the fact that I don't want to do anything that will put strain on her incision. She shakes, and hold her hands over her mouth. It is just horrid. We did figure out in the hospital, to have her drinking something yummy through a straw, and squirt the medicine in the other side of her mouth. It works better, takes an hour to get her that far. She just cries, I can't!! I can't!! Or...My tummy doesn't want it!!! I really don't know what to do!

I hate when I can't help her. But I hate it worse, when she won't let me. Wow, I just had an epiphany. This must be how it feels for my mom, and others...trying to fix me!! Sorry bout that...

So she is mostly in good spirits, but I feel like she should be MUCH better by now. She usually bounces back from illness and such. Granted she's never had surgery on her bladder. And for the record, the hospital was a LOVELY vacation, and exactly what I was hoping for.

Oh, and since writing's taken me all day...she took motrin. She needs the ditropan, but hey, it's pain relief right?!?!

To make matters worse, she won't let anyone else take care of her. And physically I'm the only one. When she can't walk, she has to be carried with my holding her under her neck and knees, while she has her arms around MY neck. Both Steve and my mom have bad backs, and this carry would break them both! Carrying her upright puts too much stretch on her incision. Even just picking up up to put her on the couch, or bed, or potty, by her armpits, hurts. And she won't let Steve change her pull up. *sigh*

Tomorrow, Jack has his follow up hearing and ENT appointment. I'm SO worried about leaving her with my mom. Hopefully she'll be walking better by then. *sigh* again.

Speaking of Jack, he has a HORRIBLE diaper rash, AND diarrhea. He needs to be change seems like every hour. And HE is screaming in pain. *sigh* It's really fun, when I'm changing Jack, and he is screaming hysterically and shaking from the sting, and Emma starts whimpering in the other room.

But last night, between diaper screams, he found the dust in a sunbeam. Check out the video, in cute videos, on the right. SO CUTE!!! He is so funny, and seems to know it. When he's not playing in the toilet, he is such a joy! And he's walking SO MUCH!! And LOVES to eat. It's hard to keep up sometimes!!

So say a little prayer for ME!! I'm totally rung out. Hoping to turn another corner soon!


Lainey said...

Emmy would get horrible diaper rash and a nurse gave me a tip that I swear saved me (and her). I was told NO use cotton balls and baby oil. It was like a magic eraser...I was in awe. After cleaning with the oil, I'd apply Balmex (not the Desitin I had always used). It was the ONLY thing that worked. Her butt looked like raw hamburger and was back to 100% normal in 2 days.

Don't know if this tip is of any help...but thought I'd share
: )

Good luck my friend!!!!


nickparkemjamom said...

I'm willing to try anything...

I just tried it..less screaming, we'll see how it works!


XOXO back!!

Amy said...

Poor Jenny! My internet was down all weekend so I am glad the last update is she is doing good. Are you sure you have to bring the kids with you to the conference? Sounds like you need a BIG vacation. :)