Wednesday, July 11, 2007

6:00 pm update

Well, she has peed so much I have actually lost count. We DID figure out, if we let her pee in a pull up, laying in bed, she does MUCH better! It still hurts like crazy, but at least in the pull up, she can "hold it" while she pees, and not get pee all over her hand. Wouldn't that make you feel better?

She is still on morphine, Toradol (IV ibuprofen), Tylenol, and IV fluids. They want to start her on Lortab, but she can't take that on an empty stomach. Which brings me to our current struggle.

She has had nothing to eat, since Monday night at about 10:30 pm. And even then it was a can of pediasure. It is so sad. She wants to eat. But her tummy doesn't. She'll hold food in her hand, for like 5 minutes just looking at it.

They've said some kids do fine, others like this. At this point I don't even know if she will go home tomorrow. She hasn't even walked yet. She's just a blob in the bed, giving everyone dirty looks. A very stubborn one, but still a blob.

And when she falls asleep, she desats, as in her o2 level goes down. The morphine is famous for suppressing your breathing, but I still hate it!

She also has the WORST startle reflex when she is asleep! I HATE IT. I can't imagine it feels good on her incision,to jerk like that. She'll be totally still and then jerk really bad. It freaks me out every time. But they say it's normal, when weaning off the morphine!

We did go for a walk in a wagon. she "walked" about 5 steps to get to the wagon, hanging on my neck. I was sure I wouldn't be able to stand up, but it was ok! She liked getting out. But they REALLY want her to walk. THe problem is, her IV is in her foot, at the bend in her ankle. So she thinks it hurts. I would think applying pressure to it WOULD hurt! I know when I have an IV in my hand, I don't like to lean on it!

More good news...

Her fever seems to be gone, and she's talking a bit more. She was awake today for a long time, maybe 2 hours or so. The fact that she has an opinion is good. And...

...OH MY HECK!!!

SHE JUST GIGGLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do ya know...

Maybe it won't be long after all!


DanniRaye said...

Poor, poor baby girl! Honestly, the recovery is just the worst part, no matter how intensive or dangerous the surgery can be. I am glad she's peeing though! Are they willing to give her an anti-emesis for the nausea so she can eat?

Lainey said...

SO glad to read she's peeing! Great idea with the pull-up.

Hope tomorrow brings more improvement and more giggles!!