Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From the other side

I just reread this post. I had forgotten how well it went. Didn't go so well after that day. He went twice, then got a high fever, then a sinus infection. He missed two weeks. Two weeks spent on my lap. So when he went back, he was not going for it. We talked about it all the way to school. He was fine! We got there, he said, " My school Mom? Miss Onnie?" Then we get up to the door, and it was another story. He started to freak out, grabbing my legs, wanting to be held. I kept rying to get him to get down, or even look at his class. He would have none of it.

This is the happiest easy going kid in the world, as you probably know. It was so out of his charactor to act like this. I hate to say it, but I sat there for an hour, trying to get him to change his mind. Which is essentially what needed to happen. He wasn't screaming, or making a scene. The only scene, was me being there. For the most part, the kids went about their day, ignoring us, except for one little girl. She came up to us, and rub his leg, because that's all she could reach, and said, "Wanna come play with us buddy?" She was so cute. This day, he didn't take her up on it.

The next time he went though, he started to do the same thing. This time, I wouldn't pick him up, so he just clung to my legs. Unfortunately, he is just the right height, so his face is in my cr*tch. OYE. Anyway, this same little girl, came up and said, "Come on Jack, come play with me!" He looked up at her, looked up at me, took her hand and went off to play. It was seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen! It made me cry! Everytime I take him to class, she comes and gets him, and they walk off hand in hand.

When Parker was in preschool, same class, it was the year they introduced main streamed special ed. One day, when I picked him up, he was reading a book to a little girl who didn't have very much communication- but he didn't care. This made me cry. Then there was this story. Nick and Emma too, I'm happy to report, have always been so sweet to others different from them.

Now it is our turn, for someone to be sweet to our Jacky. This little girl, is the first friend that he knows her name. He talks about her incessently. It is so weird, and special, to be on the other side. And yes, I have thanked her mother. :)

Ok, Ok...

I know, it's been awhile. I have lots to tell you. Lots and lots. Let's see how much I can fit in, in the short amount of time I have... :)

The reason for my absence? Well Facebook is a big one. It's SO MUCH easier to put pictures on. And easier to write a one or two line quip. Plus I have control over who sees what. Although most of the people I want to see both this and facebook, can, so it's fine I guess. If you are NOT on Facebook, you really should be. It's very entertaining! :)

Also, it's hard to put into words sometimes, things that happen. I've had many great experiences lately, but have really had trouble putting it into words. But I shall give it the ole college try.

And I've been SO tired, it's hard to "relive" the emotions of some things. I know, it's just an excuse, but it's all mine, so take it or leave it!

Ok, so... some of you may know of my love for musical theater. Every few years, a good one will come along. We have a great community theater in my area. Several as a matter of fact, but in my town in particular. I've been able to do 3 since we moved here 15 yrs ago, in between kids mostly! This year they are doing one Parker, Emma and I can all be in! It's been fun, and stressful, to be in a show with my kids. We'll see how it is in the end. They are having a good time, I think. :)

It's been hard to be doing a show and working at the same time. The last three shows I've done, weren't like that. I miss my work family, not being there as much, and my paycheck. But it's good for my soul, so it's worth something! Not missing work, being in a show! :)

Jack has been doing well at school. Just in time for school to end... ugh. I have a story, but I'll save it for another post. :)

Still recovering from Idol... seriously.... I just blogged about it. You may not like my opinion, but really, does it matter! :)

So there's a little update. I have a few posts to add, so we'll see if this one gets read! :)