Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mad or blessed!?

So here I sit, alone with my thoughts. OH NO!!, you say. Well, not really...

He has done so well today, I can't even believe it! I'm still waiting for something bad to happen. Our room is small, but fine. It's certainly not where Em stayed, but it's nice, and clean. He was up running around all day! Took a little nap around 6:00, and was up and running when Gramma, and Emma came. We kept asking him, if he knew he'd had surgery.

He has never been fussy, or grumpy, or even acted like he's uncomfortable! He wasn't even a bit loopy. It is just weird. The Dr asked how he's been the last week, and was seriously shocked when we said totally fine!

Everyone...of course...is totally in love. He just stares everyone down. It is hysterical! He doesn't trust anyone! But he is very pleasant about it!

I did think about a few more things I hate about being here.

The pink admit bracelet.

Hearing the life flight helicopter, land on the roof.

The phones ringing, with their "non"ring. HATE IT!

The way his breath smells, from being intubated . HATE THAT TOO!

His name written in black on our name tags. Red for going home that day, Black for being admitted. Black...bad.

Did I mention the phones? It's like a Pavlovian response. I get all panicky. Hate it.

The fact that they tell you, you can't use the bathroom in the room. For pete's sake. He's a baby, like I'm gonna leave him to run down the hall.

On the bathroom note. I hate it when I go in there, and they come in the room and leave, thinking I'm not in the room. Murphy's law. Stupidness...

I hate the sound the IV fluids make. If you have heard it, you know what I mean!

I hate the D*** beeping, when he knocks off a lead, or his O2 thing. SHEESH!! Makes me nuts.

So...this is what I LOVE about coming here...and don't make fun of me!

The floor is clean.

They come and take out your garbage once a day, and I don't have to ask them 4 times.

They have fun toys.

My opinion matters. They ask me how I learn stuff. They ask me if I want to be involved in his care. They think I'm smart.

I am as important as Jack is. EVERYTIME someone comes in the room, with the exception of the garbage people, they ask if I need anything!

Every person that comes in the room, addresses Jack. They talk to him. They make sure it's OK with HIM if they come in, and do something. The man with the menu, talked to Jack, and showed him his name tag, and said he was from the kitchen. When Emma was in, the child life specialist, introduced herself and said I'm from the playroom, can I come in YOUR room!? Of course Emma said no, but that is irrelevant! ;)

We have the cutest male nurse tonight. We have chatted quite a bit about our mutual favorite TV shows, and he is SO cute with Jack, and me for that matter. He told the charge nurse I was his new girlfriend. So sweet...to flirt with a fat old lady in her Mommy jammies!!!

Sure I can't rewind the TV, and sure I have to look up, but it's here, and it keeps me entertained!

This whole experience has been so interesting. If he had not been sick, last May, and we had not asked for a CT scan, and requested an MRI6 months ago, I don't know what would have happened! We seriously fell over this. Tripped on it. Had it land in our laps. He had NO symptoms, yet the shunt was totally blocked, and not working. Someone commented, that they were thankful to be prepared, and not follow an ambulance. I'm certain, we would have! I am SO thankful, he is all fixed. And there was no trouble before hand. I had heard story after story, about kids in constant pain, and screaming for months, and not being themselves. I have been so blessed. I may have been mad yesterday, but today...I am counting my blessings.


Stephanie said...

Jenny you are to funny. I am glad you can see the brighter side of it all. Im glad that Jack is doing amazingly well and you caught it before problems.

Sis Sarah said...

Yup the pulseox, leads are a pain in the a** I've gotten to the point that i don't even jump anymore when they go off.

They didn't want you to use his bathroom??? Are they freakin nuts.

I'm always in the shower (in the room)when they come. Now that's embarssing.

Glad you got to flirt with a hottie nurse.

Are you home yet???


Amy said...

I am glad it is all looking better! He is so handsome how could everybody not fall under his power? What a cutie! Love Ya!

nancy said...

Its funny what they compensate to do. WE had no idea about him needig a shunt till he couldn't do it any longer. We are glad Jack is ok