Sunday, August 19, 2007

...He's a Young Man!!

It's official. Nick is 12! And a YOUNG MAN!!!

I still can't believe it. It seems like last week, I was 2 weeks over due, and he had NO intentions of coming out! Sometimes I'm sad we didn't get more time, with just me and him-He and Parker are 2 years apart. It is what it is.

Friday was INSANE!!! Nick started school, and had a BLAST! He tells me he never got lost. But had to ask for directions...uh huh...He had lunch with his cute little girlie friend, and really liked all his teachers. *happy sigh*

Friday night, he went on an overnighter with scouts. So he was gone, with in 2 hours of getting home from school! Finally Saturday afternoon, he and Dad, went to get his birthday present. He got a custom skateboard, and pick everything out himself! HE IS SO EXCITED! I am a little nervous about letting him ride it to school, cuz we live at the top of the school. But we'll see... Plus, I think it's too big to fit in his locker. They are TINY!!

He's so funny. He told us today he wants to be a professional skate boarder. Heaven help me!

Last night, he and I passed out programs at the amphitheater. He has done it with me before. But this was the first time I didn't have to direct him in anyway. He's just getting old. It's weird.

Today, he received the priesthood. You can read more about that in these articles, I linked to before. becoming a deacon, passing the Sacrament And here's another great article about his new responsibilities at church. He was so excited. It was nice to see. One of our friends, said his son, was not even wanting to do it. So I'm glad Nick was happy, and looking forward to it!

Emma took this picture this morning. Of my life goes, I didn't get one of everyone looking nice. He's not smiling, but you can see how old he looks!!

So Nick has the day off tomorrow, while the rest of the district starts school! Hopefully we can do something fun...ish...Of course, when you're 12, your mom's idea of fun, and your idea, are slightly different!

So, Nick...

Happy12th Birthday! I love you! I'm so proud of you. You are a great kid, and make me laugh everyday! Always remember who you are, and how much we love you!



Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Nick! Wow, a deacon! I can't even imagine that day with Nathaniel, it seems so far away. I'm sure you thought that too when Nick was only 3 huh? Oh how time flies! You are a great momma Jenny, I hope you know that.

Stacie Fischio said...

Okay Jenny if you feel old because Nick just turned 12 and started junior high, imagine how I feel since Damon is a SENIOR, Kelby is a SOPHOMORE and Angelina-my BABY- is in 5th grade! Seriously though, I remember when you were 2 weeks overdue and how exciting it was when he was born! I also remember watching him for you guys a couple of times when he was just teeny! How time flies! I love reading your blog! I hadn't read it for a about a week and wow, you have been prolific! I love keeping up with your family. I hope your mom told you I stopped by. See ya later!

nickparkemjamom said...


I hope you see this! I don't have your email, since my computer died.
Yes she told me! And...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boys I think, have worn almost everything you gave them. Ok not all...but, as always, it came a the perfect time!!!


Oh, and Emma starts in Miss Liz's class on Wed. Saw her yesterday! She never changes!! LOVE HER!

Thanks for saying hi! And email me...K?