Sunday, August 26, 2007

Got a new look!!

Do ya like it!?

I have a deep blog I've been planning all day. But I took my pill, and it's too late now, after all the redesigning.

But here's a hint.

I wanna talk about how free agency sucks, when it is not my own.

I wanna tell you how Church sucks...alone.

I wanna tell you some wonderful stories of faith, and standing up for whats right, and making right choices.

So that is for tomorrow. Get excited!!! :)


Sis Sarah said...

oooo I'll be checkin in

I've never believed in "Free Agency"

Just Agency that only becomes "Free" When we make righteous choices.

And we definitly lose our agency when we make unrighteous, bad, wrong, illegal, or just plain lazy choices.

We may not realize it here, but think about it, when we choose to go astray, it will bite us in the butt some day.

I'm sorry that you have to go to church alone. It is not something that I have had to deal with. G is the one that had to go to church alone when he was young. He also left the church for a few years, out of anger & depression over his mother. He eventually pulled himself out of it, by going back to church. I met him before he really had changed his heart, and I didn't like him. I didn't fall in love, really until he had converted his heart and mind back.

I do know that it is soooo frustraiting to have to stand back and watch someone do things they shouldn't, that effect the entire family.

IF you need to talk or vent, Remember I'm just an IM away

Mel said...

I'm really sorry that you are having a hard time!

I think one of the hardest things is dealing with the consequences that affect us.... especially when its out of our control.

I'll be checking back.

Traci said...

Jenny- I have to admit, I've been a lurker for awhile now- I used to check your blog occasionally after Steve told Spencer about it a long time ago! Now that I have moved, I find I am checking it a lot so I can know what's going on with your fam! I'm sorry to hear about the rough times, but I have always admired your courage... Kind of personal for a comments section, I guess. But it's true. I guess the only thing you can do is keep on keepin on!I am cheering for you And keep watching the Soup- it is always good for a half hour of fun away from reality.

nickparkemjamom said...

Hi Traci!

How's the new house!?

email we can carry on a conversation!!