Friday, August 31, 2007

It's been a day...

Jack vs Cocoa

Butter vs Jack


JennK said...

This has just started at my house... fun time! I thinks its so awesome that they both are getting into things... Although the clean up is not too fun....*smiles*

Sis Sarah said...

Let's hope he doesn't have a battle with honey.

I did when I was a toddler

And it wasn't pretty.

disillusioned said...


You take the cutest pictures!!!! I love the different facial expressions of Jack. I have some photos of my sissies & I to prove we loved each other (or at least, put up with each other). I made them into a special gift for each other for Christmas. There's one of Sarah and I sharing a "blankie", both sucking our thumbs, one of Jocelyn holding/hugging me on a rocking chair, and a cute etheral one of Sarah snuggling me the day I was blessed. The best is the 3 of us all trying to pull the same face while sitting on the top bunk of the bunk bed we had. Fun!!!

Christine said...

I love the cocoa picture, that's so cute! Owen got into cocoa when he was younger and that was not a fun mess, it just seemed to get everywhere. I have a picture of Wesley too when he was about 2 he was in the bathroom and put all my makeup on. So funny, he had concealer on his lips, mascara on his eyebrows. So nice! lol

Lisa M. said...

I once painted a large mural with a big carrot, as my paint brush and honey as my medium.

My mother obviously left me in the storage room way too long. Sarah, that reminded me .. of that experience.

It wasn't pretty either. Then I stuck wads of paper on the honey to cover up my drawings.


These are cute Miss Jenny Lou Lou.

Amy said...

I love the finger pointing! He is so very adorable!

Naylor Family said...

Oh my gosh, he is a CUTE KID!!! I LOVE the new profile pic of you and Jack...that one is just precious! But these "battle pics" are priceless...hehehe...I hope everything is going better for you and your family these days. Jack's doing good? I voted for Parker :) And dang it, they BETTER have more bubbles before you have to come back in!

Much love!

Danielle said...

I just died laughing, he is too cute! Cleaning messes made by kids who weren't supposed to even live is NO biggie to me. Most the time, lol.