Thursday, August 9, 2007

July Yippee, and more stress...

I told you I've been crawling out of this hellish life/hole, I've dug for myself, right!Well...

I would like to announce to the world wide web: I have made dinner AND kept the kitchen clean for almost a week!!! I just couldn't contain myself!

I seriously deserve a medal!! I've been in that...fix something for Emma, make Jack a bottle, and the rest fend for yourselves. Or, chinese, or Arby's. I's sad. it walking around the house, or sitting on the couch, or on the floor, on a blanket sometimes. There were NEVER an clean dishes, cuz emptying the dishwasher is a boys' chore. So it was emptied over time as you needed something.

So this week, I decided to turn it all around, and Steve asked me to! :) We have had a meal, at the table, with REAL plates, and a clean kitchen at the end of the night, for a week.

It's been hard, but so worth it! Thanks for letting me share!!

So... Nick is all registered for school. UGH! We've already had a problem. As I told you before Nick got an IEP at the end of last year. Part of it includes a very cool class, every day, called applied skills. Well, it wasn't on his schedule. *sigh* Which means, the "assisted ed"(instead of special ed) teacher hasn't looked over Nicks schedule. We talked to, NOT, his guidance councilor, and she is fixing it. (she was available, and his was not-they go by alphabet) But it does make me nervous. If it's starting out this way...ya know? I';m going to a workshop tonight, about getting the most out of your IEP, so I'm hoping that will help!

I'll keep you posted on that.

Also, my neighbor, invited Parker to go "camping" with them. It is for 3 days, and about 2 hours away. They are going to Bear Lake, with a bunch of people from her mom's work. And she told me, a lot of those people drink(not lemonade and soda) and such. We decided not to let him go. I feel so bad. I know how much he wanted to go, I want to go! I just don't think he is old enough to go away for 3 days. He is also very impulsive and distracted. He wanders off, and doesn't even know he did. He also has been dealing with panic attacks. They have gotten better, but you never know when one is going to pop up. AND he has trouble sleeping. He has slept over at their house a few times, and come home at 2 am, cuz he couldn't sleep and had a panic attack! I know, he's almost 10. But he just isn't ready. I'm trying to "go with my boobs", and trust my mommy instinct. But he is SO mad, and hurt. I don't know. Any insight you might have would help. Even to validate me!!

Well, I'm off to PTA meeting, to official start the school year. Last year I brought someone to make sure I don't sign up for stuff. This year, I'm going it alone. Wish me luck!!!


Amy said...

I didn't let Kaison go to Lake Powell with our neighbors. But it is just too far away to get there quick. Don't sign up! I have faith you will make the right decision. Congrats on the dinner and clean kitchen! I am SO proud.

Jennifer said...

Man do i know the feeling of actually fixing a dinner and eating off of REAL plates...WAY TO GO!!!
Parker will understand. You do need to go with the girls. You have the spirit to discern for your family. Keep using what you have. You will be blessed for it friend.

Sarah said...

Seriously, as he's mad at you remember those 2 11 year old scouts that got lost in the unitah's and one is still there.

I won't let any child of mine up in the mountains with out me until they are much older.

And parker isn't even 11 yet.

And the drinking thing, i had to give up a friend because she'd do it around corianne, and she was really stupid when she was drunk, it was just something I didn't want corianne to see.

Your a good momma
congrats on the clean kitchen

nickparkemjamom said...

Parker was fine, he realized he really couldn't do it! He just spent two nights with my mom, and wanted to come home today!!