Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jack MRI

Jack's MRI has finally arrived. It's been canceled twice! First was Parkers Chicken Pox, then Jack was IN the hospital, when it was rescheduled. It's at 6:30 am. It will be good, I think. We'll just get him up, and take him in. He probably won't even ask for anything to eat.

I'm a little worried about the sedation. But not overly. He did so great with the penny extraction.
But this one will be longer, so who knows. Anytime you sedate a child, it's scary. If you read this tonight, or early tomorrow, pray for no complications.

And then there is the matter of the results. Hopefully we will see the Neurosurgeon after. I WANT TO KNOW IF HIS BRAIN IS STILL MALFORMED!!! I mean really...have you met my boy...really.This is a big day. Well, we will send it off to the Carters Center again for them to evaluate, then that will be a big day.

Raise your hand if you think his brain still is funky. Raise um high! Cognitively, he is .... I don't know how to say it. He is so funny, and gets excited, and turns around when I say "come here", and runs squealing from his sibling, and looks to me to applaud, every time he puts something in a box, or gives you the ball, or a toy. He gives kisses, and gets scared, and nervous, and shy. All this and a brain malformation. hmmmm... could it have just gone away? That would be impossible, would it not. Would you then call it a miracle? THis brain was so badly malformed, they told us to terminate. Could it really be fine with no fluid on it? REALLY?

Then there is the ever looming fear, the will find something new, and bad. I could name a bunch of things, but I'm to tired, and it would be bad luck.

We shall soon find out! Stay tuned...

And pardon...I took my ambien, and then decided to may not make sense...I'll correct it in the am! :)

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Christine said...

I will absolutely pray for Jack and your family! Such a sweet little trooper!

And yes, I do believe in miracles. Anything is possible.