Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm here...treading water...

Sorry it's been so long. Many emotional things going on. Trying to crawl out of the hellish life I've dug for myself. I'm on the up climb I think. I hope. It is up to me after all.

So let's see... with my Mom's help, The boys are getting there room cleaned up. They have bunk beds that have been stacked since Jack was born, but Parker feeling isolated I guess, on top. So last night we moved their beds around, and their furniture. They LOVE it! And Emma and Jack like it too, cuz they can play in there now. My mom said, "How does so much stuff get on their floor?" I said..."Seriously...they just drop it when they are done!" Anyway, I hope they will keep it nice. And ya, ya, I need to make them. *sticking tongue out*

Jack is just all over the place. Yesterday, he climbed onto my chair, up the back, and was playing with stuff on the mantel. OY VEY... Every time I turn around, he is into something else! We've missed alot of church this summer, for lots of reasons, illness, out of townness, laziness. So people haven't really seen Jack walking yet. In our womens meeting, some one was addressing the group, and commented on Jack walking. And what a miracle he is.

You know, I forget. When he's splashing in the toilet, eating poop like it's a brownie, or dumping out a bag of cereal on the floor, or throwing a hissy fit, cuz I walked by and didn't pick him up. I don't know how I could forget , but I do. I look at him now, and I don't think there is anything wrong with him. He has his MRI on the 13th. I'm SO curious what it will show. So curious. His ankle turn in still when he walks, and I haven't put his DAFO's on in weeks. I'm sure they don't even fit him now. But he is doing good, so I don't worry. BUT...I worry that he should wear them, and I'm causing him future problems. Whatever...

Emma is doing better everyday. We had her follow up last week, and a renal ultrasound. They found that her right kidney is still dilated. Which is normal, but needs to be rechecked. And...they are going to have to do a nuclear cystogram, which is to put it lightly....HORRID. The last time she had it done, she was MORTIFIED, to say the least. *sigh* I think I'm going to call and see if I can get her some valium or something. It's not till Sept 29th. But I am SO not looking forward to it. This one, I can't sugarcoat. UGH... When we went to the hospital for her follow up, she wanted to go to the fountain near the front door, and make a wish. Her wish..."I wish I didn't have to have surgery". It's funny, and sad.

So Nick. Nick turns 12 a week from Friday. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm trying not to think about how old it makes me. But this 12th birthday weekend, is HUGE. He starts Jr High on his birthday. He graduates from Primary, our children's church group. And starts going to Young Men's, our church youth group. He also will become a deacon, and pass the Sacrament. Here's another great article about all his changes at church. Of course I think he's not ready. But I'm pretty sure every mom does. They have also invited Nick to go to Youth Conference. THIS gave me a panic attack. It's a fun spiritual weekend, that when I was a teenager, you couldn't go till you were 14. This is on a smaller level, so the 12 and 13 yr old CAN go. ANYWAY....lots of changes coming up for Nick. And me...wish me luck!

So I decided to try a sippy cup with Jack again... Check it out...again...ignore can here him SWALLOW!!! Sorry, I can't get it to embed. Stupid google.

So that is us, Oh...and check kid-isms, there is a new one!!!


Sis Sarah said...

My gosh he's so blonde, what did the sun do to his hair.

Yeah, isn't the eating poop thing just wonderful, Wes tried it out a few days ago, but didn't like it lol.

Keep Smiling

Tasha Challis said...

Well, I totally feel for Emma!!! They need to figure out a new way to do that test!!! Especially for kids! Look at all that modern science has figured out! But we cant figure out another way to do caths!! PLEASE. I am glad that she is doing better from the surgery.
And Jack!!! TOO Cute! I cant believe all that he can do. Hmmm. So doctors dont know it all! LOL
Have a great day, Im sure we will talk soon