Tuesday, August 21, 2007

He's GREAT!!

Well, it's all done! He is doing SO GREAT!! He woke up AWESOME! He hasn't cried at all.

The shunt was apparently clogged, so they just replaced it, and it immediately started to drain. And the tubes were placed too!

I can't tell you all, how much your support means to me. He is doing so good, and normal. Like he never had surgery!

Here's one from about two hours after surgery.

Here is some more! I need to run and get dinner, while Steve is still here. He is so "fine" I don't know how much I'll be able to be on here. He is ALL OVER the place. Maybe late tonight, after he goes to bed!

YAY!!! For happy boys!!!


Danielle said...

I'm so glad he's dong so well! Man, he and Jules, I swear you have to give them meds just to keep them down after surgery!!
Nathaniel's thing was great. I wanted to come say hi while Randy sat with him in recovery, but I took a nap instead, sorry!!

Mandy said...

It's amazing what an unclogged shunt will do!! That was Calebs problem as well with his last revision. That is awesome he is feeling so much better. Unfortunately they are probably going to make you spend the night still. Make them check him at 7 and then go home. Great to hear.

Sis Sarah said...

I"m so glad it went well.

He looks great.

We've been thinking about you all day.


Lisa M. said...


what a hottie!

disillusioned said...

Wow! What a cute little man! He's getting so big! His big brown eyes are so handsome! I'm glad it all went well!!!

Christine said...

I'm so happy for him and you!! I was thinking about him all day. It's so great to hear he's doing well and isn't even a little bit cranky! Wonderful!!