Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good grief...

The CT scan went great! He is so funny in it. I wish you could see him. His head is "immobilized" and his eyes just look around. It's really quick. Barely 5 min. We just blow bubbles. Sadly, the CT tech, and I had a discussion, about how she needed to refill her bubbles. Sad, that I knew she hadn't done in since last week!!! This same girl, has done his last 3. *sigh*

So our appointment was at 12:30, and we walked out of Medical Imagining, at 12:36! We were a little early, but still. We go to the Dreaded Clinic B, and wait. They have lots of fun things to do, and there was even a sweet little girl, with the CUTEST pink and purple DAFOS!!

ANYWAY...We finally get called back to the exam room, and a little while later, the "fellow" comes in. Let me back up, You all know how nervous, and anxious I've been about this appointment. wasn't with OUR NS. He is on vacation, but if it wasn't today, it would have been 3 weeks, and they didn't want him to go that long. So, the Fellow comes in, and leads with..."So what brings you into clinic today?"

WHAT???!?!?!? If you don't know why I'm here, I'm leaving! So my confidence level is waning. Whatever...I know she is just checking to make sure I'm there for the same reason she thinks I am. But, hello!!! She tells me, his ventricles look smaller, then May. I ask her, "Is the fluid still on the outside?" She says, "Oh ya, but it's not any bigger." I was so tired, by now it was 1:45 and had Emma with me too. I said,"So is this good or bad? She says, "Well, it's fine." Then she says, "Has Dr.Kestle talked to you about a shunt in the epid-something(I can't remember) space? OH MY HELL!!! Don't say things like this to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I start asking her questions, and she says, let me get the doctor, I think he may be in surgery.

OH MY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I'll just wait here...*rolling eyes*

So he comes in, and says generally, He's fine, but we need to watch him. He says to watch for overdraining now. OYE. Watch for him to want to lay down alot, and when he's up running around, he'll have a head ache. Oh, and of course, if he gets worse, bring him back in.


So we go back in a month. This appointment is with Dr Kestle. And the CT room better have refilled the bubbles!


Christine said...

It's great how he wasn't upset during it. I know how frustrating seeing a different person can be though. When Cooper was just a few weeks old we took him to a dr. because he was sick, cranky, fever, that sort of thing. We tell him Cooper's history, and that there's a family history of kidney problems too and this guy tells us that here in North America we test kids way too much for this sort of thing and that we shouldn't even bother having his kidneys tested. That we should just let him be and see what happens. Ummm....hellooooo..........if we leave him be he will get very sick. Not knowing until way later is how these kids end up in end-stage kidney failure!!! So, we can either have him tested now, know what's going on and manage it OR we can leave him be, let his kidneys be damaged beyond repair and then have him on dialysis until there is a transplant kidney available. Umm, yea, I think I'll just have him tested thank you very much!

Then there was the public health nurse who gave him his first immunization. I was telling her about his kidney reflux and she kept telling me how to handle acid reflux. I kept correcting her but she just couldn't get her head around the fact that there is more than one kind of flippin reflux. ugg!!

nickparkemjamom said...

I get that with the reflux , ALL the time! I love when they go..."Oh, so and so had reflux bad...and then they realize, I'm talking a different kind...


Sis Sarah said...

OK I can beat that. So we went over Wesley's entire history today with someone, not even sure who the heck they were, but I"m sure they were going to be in the operating room, before Wesley's lung biopsy.

She started asking about his heart defect????


He doesn't have a heart defect.

She said: right here on this paper it says he does.


The gal realized that i was FREAKIN serious, said oh maybe bla bla bla was just short for something else.

He better not have a heart defect, cause I'll kill someone if he does and NO ONE told me.

On a happy side

I'm so glad that Jack did well, and that he got to go home. Finger's crossed he continues to do well.

Amy said...

I LUV going to doctors and dealing with idiots and wasting my time. I am glad there is nothing that has to be done RIGHT NOW but what a bummer to have to keep going back.