Friday, August 10, 2007

Stats R Fun!

If you didn't know, there is a stats counter at the bottom of the page. It is SO cool! It tells you everything you want to know about who visits your site. Well, everything but names. And when I figure out how to look up ISP's, I'll be all set! *smirk*

It does tell me where"ish" people are logging on from. But when I log on, it says, Providence, Ut. I'm not sure why. Comcast must be there or something. When Steve logs on from work, it says Canada, cuz his company's main office is there, but his office is 2 miles away from home.

I can tell how many times you check my blog. I know who is obsessed, and upset when I don't post for a long time! Mostly cuz you check it 5 times a day! *grin*

Another cool thing, is it tells me where people came from. Here are some thingspeople googled, that landed them here.

~teenagers with cleft lip blogs
~daughter says it hurts when she pees
~WICKED WORLD donnie simmons
~pictures of children's yellow teeth

I thought those were interesting! I google stuff all the time. It's interesting to see what other people google. AND, it's cool and spooky, that people are landing here, for things that aren't even "on my agenda", ya know? "WICKED WORLD donnie simmons", I mean really, what WERE they looking for. I'm sure it wasn't the program from "Wicked", or my rendezvous with Donnie!! ;)

Or it tells me who's blog it's linked from. Or if you have it book marked or something! Also, how many are still going to the old site, and linking it from there!

So I know most of the people, well, where they are logging on from. But one of you that checks in daily, says you are from...

New Jersey, Mt. Laurel, United States, 44 returning visits

Who are ya!? Just curious. I'm sure you have a blog too, and it's fun to make new friends.'s someone I know, and now I'll look dumb! *rolling eyes*

So there it can't hide from me!! heehee I know whose checking in!! Sort's fun detective work! Trying to figure it out! I've noticed too, some people always check the same time of day! It also, shows you the percent of how long people are on your site. I can tell, how long it took you to leave a comment. *grin* It's kind of creepy when you think about it. There's no anonymity anymore! Is that good or bad? Like caller ID. You can't tell people anymore, "I tried to call you!"

I bet you know when I'm reading YOUR stuff, even when I don't comment! If you don't have a counter, you should get one! Stats R Fun!


Mel said...

The stats are fun but sometimes it leaves me scratching my head especially when they land there via google.

Glad you pointed out the Providence thing because I get that all the time and I was worried that it was my boss. Hehe.

Christine said...

lmao! Ok, I guess you already know this BUT I found your blog because I googled "vesicoureteral reflux blogspot". See, I just came to the blogging world and since 2 of my kids have kidney reflux and right now is getting kinda hard for me I was hoping to connect with other parents.

I think you're writing style is great and I love your sense of humor (ok, I only read so far as the counter post so far) and I'll probably be returning to read some more. But I promise I won't become obsessed and check in 44 times in one day! LMAO

Thanks for the chuckle, I really needed that today!

I had no idea counters could tell you so much, I think I'll be adding one to my own blog!

nickparkemjamom said...

YAY!!! My plan is working!! Be sure and read about Emma's surgery. There is plenty!!! *rolling eyes*

Sarah said...

44 times a day, sheesh

So which one is mine????

(my internet is AT&T cable, if that helps.)


nickparkemjamom said...

This is to my friend Lisa, from BHS. Email me would ya. It's at the top of the page.

I kept meaning to comment back to ya, and kept getting my life...

Talk to ya soon!!