Monday, August 13, 2007

I jinxed it...

What a long FREAKIN day!!

The MRI went GREAT! We got to stay in the room, while he was getting it. The MRI itself, is LOUD! They plug the child's ears really good, and gave us some ear plugs too. It's actually quite musical. It took several different scans, and each was 1 minute, or 2 minutes, or a variation. And each scan, had a different rhythmic pattern. Maybe I was just tired, but I thought it was really cool, and very funky music-ish.

We then went to recover, where he just slept. They told us to expect him to sleep for about an hour and a half, but he was awake, in like 40 min. And woke up, like he'd been taking a nap. When he saw me he even smiled! HE kept looking at his thumb, that was glowing because of the pulse ox. For the first couple of hours, he was pretty wasted. He would try to walk, and fall down. He couldn't even sit, he'd just fall over! It was cute and sad!

Then we went to see the Neurosurgeon. Did the general head measuring -53 cen., and how's he doing. Asked how he was developmentally. I said, he was walking, not very good at the moment, but usually. And how we thought cognitively, he was great.

Then he pulled up the MRI on the computer. As well as the CT scan we had done back, Memorial Day weekend, when he was sick. His ventricles, are significantly larger. Since the END of MAY!!


So we went to get a shunt series(xray of his head and tummy) done, to make sure his shunt wasn't broken. Like kinked, or had come loose, or just plain broken. Luckily, it's not broken, but it's not working. It's malfunctioning. He asked if we noticed if he was acting weird. I couldn't think of anything. It's hard to tell what is the difference between teething(which he is)...toddlerhood(which he is)...sleepiness(which he gets, when it's time for bed)...ya know? I had been thinking he was teething, I even gave him some motrin the other night! He has like 3 teeth trying to come in!! I don't know. It's SO frustrating.

The NS(neurosurgeon) said he could schedule surgery tomorrow! ugh I asked if he felt comfortable waiting till next week, seeing as this is a big week for Nick, with "Jr High starting" events, starting on Wed.

So, we are scheduled for next Tuesday, the 21st. He will be admitted, at least over night.

Ugh ugh ugh...

It's the second day of school for Parker, third for Nick.

After we scheduled it, I realized, that we had a follow-up, to see if Jack should get ear tubes, on the 27th. I was just picturing going in there, and him saying, it looks like we should put tubes in.
So I had a horrible time trying to relay the message, to the ENT's staff, that he was having surgery, and would he consider looking at him before hand. I had to take Steve to work and come back, but the ENT, decided, without even looking in his ears, to put tubes in. 96 % of caucasian kids with clefts, need tubes. He said he'd rather take advantage of a surgery, and Jack be in the 4 %, then have to go back in, in the next couple of months again. And I completely agree. Ear tubes are a simple procedure, but a procedure nonetheless.

Oh, and since there is now fluid built up, we still don't have a clear picture of his stupid brain.


So Jack is having a Shunt Revision, and ear tubes placed on August 21st.

And I'm NOT saying...ANYMORE...he has NO procedures coming up.


Danielle said...

We'll be there the 21st too, for Nathaniel's MRI. We'll hook up at some point I'm sure. Sorry about the surgery. I am never again saying I think we're done!!

Jennifer said...

Just one more thing huh? I am sorry friend. I wish you luck. Prayers coming your way (still). Just remember that tomorrow is another day. Hugs!

Christine said...

My heart totally goes out to you! I absolutely will be keeping Jack and your family in my prayers. It's amazing what these little babies can go through and still be happy little monkeys.

Lisa M. said...

Well, personally I just think you like to go there for the food, and a nice quiet paid for, vacation.


Good they are doing both things at once. That is at least decent.

I'll see if I can come up, if ya need me too.

Amy said...

Jenny, maybe it is time to do the anti-voodoo thing again? Must of worn off. I am sorry. It sucks but at least you can combine the two. Guess you still belong to the club! Shriners was nice, nothing exciting, I feel like we are leaving the club. But Kindergarten starts in 2 weeks and might start a whole new set of problems so I am not willingly resigning yet. :) I'll e-mail ya later with details on Shriners. Love Ya!

Sarah said...

Jack & Jenny
We will be praying for you.

Hope things go well and you get to go home soon afterwards

Maybe you'll bring home a happy boy!!! Whose head and ears don't hurt.


Mandy said...

I made a comment yesterday, did you not like it? :) HOpe things go well with the surgery. I was upset about having Calebs last revision, but he came home a much happier healthier baby, and hopefully Jack will do. Good luck.