Friday, August 24, 2007

He is much better today! Had a normal nap, and has been happy! We even went to the store and got Emma some new tap shoes. I keep trying to buy Jack shoes, but I just can't do it! Today, was the first time I actually put them on him, and had him walk. His ankles are still bad. He really hasn't worn his DAFO's since he started walking. I tried to put them on him once, and he wouldn't walk. He seems to do better with them off, but now I'm worried it is causing more damage.

His feet are so fat, that he has to wear a 5 and he looks ridiculous in them. They look like big clown feet. I guess he'll just keep going bare foot. His right foot, is way worse then the left. When I had him walk in the shoes, and it looks worse, and I can see them getting ruined. And even Payless Shoes, are $20! So stupid. BUT...I just got a box of clothes from a Freecycler, and there are 4 pairs of shoes in there, and all his size! What a blessing. We'll see how it goes. And lots of winter clothes. What a relief. I hate change in seasons, and having to buy clothes. ugh

Also, this afternoon, Jack's incision seems swollen. Well, like there is fluid built up around the new shunt, just under the skin. I don't know. I go into panic mode, and then calm down enough to call without crying. They said to watch him, and....bring him in if it gets worse. I seriously don't know what's worse, watch him, or bring him in. And the fact that now he seems fine, doesn't make me feel better. He was fine when his shunt was completely blocked... SO annoying.

The past few months, I've been thinking he has no sense of smell, which means he can't taste. He eats just about everything. I gave him a sour skittle today, and he didn't even notice. But then he had some "hot" gum, and cried and spit it out. I hear you can't tell until they are about 3. I also, put some vicks, and freechia smelling stuff, on a cotton ball, and he just held them in his hands. I kept waving it under his nose, and he didn't care. Seems to me, the olfactory bulbs were mentioned on the original MRI. Anyone else have experience with this? I know, don't worry about one more thing. I wonder if I'm trying to distract myself. Who knows...

Well...that's the update for today. I'll keep ya posted...


Sis Sarah said...

I didn't know if wesley seemed to care about taste much, until he tried to eat his poop one day hahahahaha, that face was priceless.

Have you tried to give Jack: Lemons, grapefruit, or something really bitter?

can you take a marker and make a circle around the swollen part? then you would know if it gets worse.

Wesley is in a size 5 shoe too! I try size 4 but they are too small. So his feet are growing (just nothing else).

Yeah on Freecycle!!!!

And you know since Jack puked yesterday Wesley had to sympathy puke for him last night. Love scrubbing the crib.

Lisa M said...

I was glad to read this update.

I'm sorry I have been away- I am almost done with my stint in Cedar, and then, I'll be home for a while! YAY!