Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Heading home!

Well, it's 11:30. We're just waiting for discharge stuff to be done. Jack had a nap this am, and seems to be feeling better. he was starting to worry me...I know, not hard...but he was refusing to eat, and take a bottle, and acting like he wanted to throw up. So I got him some motrin, and then he refused to take his bottle, but soon took it and fell asleep.

The Dr. just came in, and we are getting out of here! Jack is finishing his breakfast, sitting on his bed.

I put some more pictures in the little gallery. We played Hospital Bingo, ok I played while he slept! We won of course!! ;)

So I'm gonna go home and sleep...ya right! Check out the new pics! So cute!


Sis Sarah said...

Yeah for going home!!!!!


Danielle said...

He is so precious. I am glad things went so well and he's home! That is terrific! My nephew has his appointment soon to figure out what to do for his craniosynostosis. I was going to go up with them to say hi to you but since you are all gone, never mind!! :-P

Christine said...

I am really very happy for you :) I'm glad he's doing so well. It's always so nice when things go smoothly.

And what on earth is hospital bingo?? They sure never had that when Cooper was in. I was barely allowed to watch tv. Heck the nurses would get mad at me when I watched "objectional" shows on tv. Ummm excuse me but Dr. Phil isn't objectional and I don't even care what the topic is because they're all BABIES!! They don't care if he's talking to some loser who had an affair with his secretary! Sheesh! Yeah, and what is up with the bathrooms in the room?? I can see asking people to use the one in the hall in an adult's room but when you're in a room with a baby YOUR BABY why can't you go to the bathroom in the room?? I mean really it's helping the nurses to have parents there with their kids so you'd think they'd relax a little about the can!

nickparkemjamom said...


Hospital Bingo, is a fun game once a week. You can go to the playroom, if you're well enough, or they broadcast it on one of the channels.

This is a children's hospital. I talked to a girl who was 20, how she liked everything being catered to little kids. She said she didn't mind! She still goes to that hospital, because her doctors are there.

As far as the bathroom, I'm sure it was abused by stupid parents. They need to track all the kids' In's and Out's, and I'm sure some stupid parent, did something stupid.I have ALWAYS used the bathroom, I even said to the aide, "Are you really telling me I can't use the bathroom in his room?" She said..."I'm not telling you anything!!" But I forgot to ask, what is the reason. It's hard enough to go in THAT one, let alone run down the hall! On th infant unit, you share a room, and a bathroom. And the bathroom, is in the back bdes, living space. That is WAY annoying, but ya do what ya gotta do!!

And last night, that cute man nurse watched America's Got Talent with me for a bit, and we were laughing so hard at The Huff singing...

Christine said...

Oh my goodness I just have to share this, My husband was a huge Knight Rider fan as a kid (remember the hasselhoff show with the talking car??) Anyway, since he was such a big fan, he's turned my kids into fans and he's gone so far as downloading some of his music videos. They're absolutely hillarious! I'll try to email you one because they are SO worth the laugh.

nickparkemjamom said...


Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!!