Saturday, June 16, 2007

A new milestone...

That's right ladies and gentleman...Jack has swallowed a penny!

The most interesting thing about this developmentally normal as it is, for him to swallow a penny, and get it stuck in his throat. They could not get it out "normally". They tried to get it out with a catheter ballon, under xray. I told them he was very stubborn and won't open his mouth. And I thought they really should sedate him. Well, they said, "This usually always works! didn't. Because of his lowtone oral muscles, he couldn't swallow it down, or up. So they called the ENT. They decided, instead of puting him under, which would mean intubating him, risking pushing the penny into his airway, they would sedate him. This would give him more control over his airway.

That was really the worst part. The sedation gave him Nystagmus which was totally freaky! He was so lifeless, it was really yucky. But...once he was sedated enough, they just reached in and pick it right out.

So...what an adventure! He was pretty good getting the IV, and it took them 3 tries. Once he "came back" he was pulling all his leads off, and happy as a clam.


Oh, and notice on the xray, how cute his profile is. It almost looks like a portrait!! You can also see his under-bite, which he may or may not grow out of.

What is in store next week!

Oh, and he has oral thrush, that we started treating yesterday. Which is an issue in itself, considering he won't open his mouth....*rolling eyes*


Nancy Brown said...

Ty has continues Nystagmus. When he has head pressure or on morphine its nuts! Congrats on the milestone. Sorry I did laugh. Hope the week gets better.

Lisa M. said...

That is a great picture. I'm so proud.