Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Warning Lable: I'm annoyed

Can I just tell you how sick I am, of people who don't shovel. When I was a crossing guard, there was a guy on the corner, who NEVER SHOVELED!!! He was in construction, so he would have his "guys" do it. Like at 9:00. HELLO!?!??! This guy knew school started at 8:40. The year I started, there was snow after snow, we had like 3 feet of snow, for 2 months. Every snow fall, the kids had to walk past this guys house to get to school in 4 inches of snow, and be soaking wet, by the time they got to school. Past this house, is the main entreance to the school. There were times, I had to use my stop sign, to move snow, so I had a place to stand, clear of snow. I will say, the guy on the other said...ALWAYS had it shoveled, before 8:00. He would even shovel into the street at the cross walk, you know, threw what the snowplow left!

But I digress. We have had SO MUCH SNOW... I was loving it at first, but now I am so sick of it!! At Emma's school, we haven't seen the sidewalks since before Christmas. And the playgrounds? Um ya...totally covered. Even where the buses park, the gutter is OVERFLOWING with dirty frozen snow/slush. I saw a bus there one day, and he pulled UP ONTO the sidewalk, so the kids would be safe. I unfortunately don't have that option. So I have to sludge through it, and pray I don't fall.

I have a friend who is blind. She can tell you all the places in our neighborhood, who don't shovel. It's dangerous to HER, and anyone else, even when they can SEE WHAT THEY ARE WALKING THROUGH!

I'm sick of people who think, "If I can drive over it, I don't have to shovel. " Um...ya...that's how it works.

I just love, light fluffy snow...over PACKED ICE!!! *rolling eyes*

So to all you out there who may come upon this.



Amber Anne said...

OK I feel you are very passionate about the snow shoveling thing, I think you need to go to your happy place. You will feel better. My husband is a snow blowing, shoveling freak. He will set his alarm for 4 am to see if he needs to shovel before leaving for work! So, he is right there with ya. Love ya AAA

nickparkemjamom said...

Can he set his alarm for 3 am, and come do my house???

I am feeling MUCH better too...if you really want to know.

Sis Sarah said...

Uggg I hear you. School was canceled here yesterday cause of snow (although nothing like what you guys are getting, just Missourians are whimps). We don't have sidewalks so DH can duck out of that one, but he's gotten a lecture from me (and probably bad vibes from the postman) about not shoveling our driveway and sidewalk to our entry.