Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm so excited!

I have been wanting to get Emma, and Jack a playhouse, for outside. I was looking for something else, and found some!

Here is all of them. Here is the one I'm getting for me, and My sister. The shipping is so cheap, I'll just have them ship it to her!

*rolling eyes*

Seriously, there single moms living on the street after fleeing an idiot husband, there are HOMELESS people in New Orleans. The Make it Right Foundation, can build a home for someone who lost their's in Katrina, for $150, 000.

And yet... selfish whiny bratty kids, who probably don't even appreciate it, are getting their "own homes", for almost the same price!

Makes me wanna puke...YOU?

I'm in a mood, can ya tell?


Sis Sarah said...

Ha ha, that playhouse is nicer than your house.

I totally understand the ungreatfulness of well, so many.

We're so darn happy that we don't have to live in an apt any longer. No playhouse for us, but man we love the grass, sure beats the parking lot where my kid used to have to play in.

Mamita said...

That home is almost the same price I paid for mine, only my kids would probably like it much better. And I live in a fairly modest home. Wow. Seriously, who has that kind of money?!