Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Honor of Kaden and Jack

I made these today, in an effort to honor Jack, and Kaden. I hope you like it. I was going to save the first one for his birthday, but wanted to share it today, as my heart is still heavy. I feel like I'm mourning all over again. This was therapy for me.


The Forney Four said...

I'm sitting here at my computer just so overcome with emotion, I couldn't even read the words of this post or the post on the Mack's blog to my husband. Thank you for sharing this with us. My experience yesterday with my baby cannot even come close to compare with what you've been through...and what this family has had to go through.

I just want to squeeze on that Jack and I wish with all my heart I could go to this funeral. Maybe I"ll send my sister who lives in Utah.

Thanks again... and if you go, please write our names in the condolences book :)

Naylor Family said...

Jenny...what can I even say to this? These are beautiful! Both of these special boys have sure touched our family! My heart is filled with joy for your handsome little Jack, and my heart breaks for the Macks who no longer are able to hold their little boy in their arms!

The Forney Four said...

Tell us how the funeral was. I'm sure it was amazing. I showed my sisters their blog and my little sister is a photographer and actually got her intro. packet yesterday to take pics of children like this in the NICU for their families (like the Mack's had).

I hope you're doing well.