Sunday, February 3, 2008


It's Superbowl time!! I have never been too much into sports, but Boston has had such an amazing year it was high time I got into it!

Personally I think the Patriots, shouldn't even have to play. I mean really, they won 18 games in a row! Never done before! Come on, just give 'em the trophy!

I'm actually kind of nervous. There is SO much riding on this. I mean, I usually cheer for the underdog, but this time, I will be struck by lightening if I do! And if New England loses, I'm afraid what will happen to those close to me. haha...

We are havin a party, me and my fam... I got everyting I could think of, to make a fun superbowl party. Well, left the beer at the store, but food wise...we are golden!!!!!! And I made myself a Patriots shirt! I ironed it on backwards, so I'll just have to stand in front of the mirror, to look good. *rolling eyes*

I said the closing prayer in choir today, and said, "Bless us to have a nice rest of the day." When I was done, I annouced to them, "I almost said 'Please bless the Patriots to win!'" haha...I crack myself up...

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