Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Times in the ER

We all know, how I frequent the ER. Well...yesterday, was BY FAR the worst. I left my house around 12:30, and pulled into my driveway, at 10:50!!!!! IT WAS INSANE!!!!!!!! People just kept coming and coming and coming. We were in the waiting room, for almost 3 hours. Once we finally got in a room, we waited another hour, for the nurse to come in. But we had GREAT nurses, and an AWESOME doctor, even though I went through a "visiting resident" first. My little Jackie, is SO complicated...the Dr came in, and said, "I heard all about this kiddo, I had to come see him myself."

The first thing she asked me..." Are you worried about his shunt?" How great is that? And then, "What do YOU want us to do for him?" I loved her. She ordered chest X-rays, IV, Labs, and IV fluids. She as so good with Jack too.

Jack was so cute, and sick. He was such a trooper. Luckily, the IV went in first try. I told them of his past IV's and how putting it in his foot seemed to work best. And what do you know...they said...COOL!

We just decided, since his fever was coming down, his electrolights were good, and his lungs were clear, there really was nothing more they could do for him IN the hospital. So we came home. The on call Dr from our Peds office came in, and we decided to leave his IV in, and if he needed it, we could go in the office today, and get more fluids, or they could take it out. I felt good about that. Although...that little bugger woke up this morning, and wanted it out, and wasn't giving up till it was. So I took it out. Like I haven't seen enough IV's come out, to know how to do it. *rolling eyes* Parker thinks it the coolest thing ever, and plans on taking it to school for show and tell! haha

I slept in this morning...till like noon!! YAY!! In that time, his fever went back up, he laid down for a nap, and he's been asleep since, almost 3 hours. He was so sweet, I had to take a picture with my phone.

So anyway, That's today. Hopefully, it's all up hill from here!


june clever said...

I hope things are getting better. You've certainly been through enough sickness that it's time life gets back to normal!

The Forney Four said...

I am so so so sorry. I hope things are getting better. I haven't been on the computer for a few days, so when I logged on and saw this little face I was freaking out because you know how I love that little Jack... I had to hurry and read thru all your posts from the last few days to catch up. I hope he's getting better.

And freakin' cute blog BTW! I am so boring!!! BIG SIGH AND BROWNIE!

Lisa said...

Aw, Jen! I hope the little guy is on the mend now. There may be a silver lining to this, a couple more visits and they may end up renaming one of the exam rooms after you!


Amber Anne said...

Jenny, I hope Jack is feeling better. Being in the ER is no fun! Spring is on its way and things will get better for you guys. Love, Amber

Cindy said...

Awe, poor Jack and poor Jenny.I hope he is getting better. We need an update for Monday.
Boy, do I understand that complicated kid syndrome. We have one of those too!! How nice of that doctor to recognize that you are Jacks expert!!! Big Hugs to you!!

Fowler family said...

oh Jenny, Jack is so precious. I am sorry you had to spend the entire day in the ER. Good to see Jack getting some rest (hopefully Mommy can too now). Your in our thoughts and prayers.