Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenz!!!

February is a busy Birthday month for us!! Emma was actually due today. is my sweet nieces birthday. She was convinced Emma was going to be her birthday present!! We had to very gently tell her, she couldn't keep her!!

Birthday Glitter Graphics


I miss her SO MUCH! She is so caring and beautiful. She loves her family, and always wants to choose the right! She is the BEST missionary, and loves Jesus, and Heavenly Father. She turns 8 today! She is so excited to get baptized!

Goodness, my sister has an 8 yr old. Man...Suzi is OLD!!! ;) What does that make me??? hmmmm...


Benjamin said...

I like that happy birthday card
you wrote.I think it is the best
card I ever got.Thank you!


nickparkemjamom said...

You're Welcome!!

I love you!!

And Thanks for being Thankful!!