Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday KAYLEIGH!!!

I told ya it was a busy month. Well really, week!! We had Kayleigh's party on Sat. We went to get makeovers. it was so fun, and Emma FINALLY got a cool "do". Last year we did it, and Emma's hair just wouldn't cooperate! You can find the photos here. The rest of Emma's Bday photos are here.

We hadn't told anyone we were pregnant yet, when Tami called, and said..."I just thought I'd tell you guys, I'm pregnant! And Due Feb 14." I said..."Cool, I'm due the 10th!" It was fun being pregnant together, except that fact I'm ten years her senior. HAHA

Anyway, the girls are best of friends, and love being together. They spent the weekend together, and were SO CUTE! We were getting ready to go to dinner with the family, and the girls came out, and declared they were going to wear fancy dresses. Oh my...

Birthday Graphics


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Anonymous said...

January is our busy month on my family's side, there are 5 and August on DH's side, there are 5. I love having cousins close in age, of course we don't have any that close but it is so fun.