Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Life and Times of Berry Elizabeth

When Emma was born, Dad took the boys to Build a Bear. They made her a bunny, and named her Berry Elizabeth. I took her picture with it, once a month for the first year! You can find the video here, and see them all. We did it with Jack also. His is neat, because he changed so much with 4 surgeries!

ANYWAY... I wanted to take a picture with Berry on her bday, but couldn't find her. The kids have a habit of taking stuff outside, so I told Parker to go on an adventure, and look for her. Let me remind you, we've had TONS of snow, so I really thought it would never happen! Well...HE FOUND HER!!! I really believe it was divine intervention. Here is the story in pictures, of bringing her back to life:

She was completely frozen, and FILTHY!

Getting her shower!

Relaxing in her bubble bath.

WHEW...That was a wild ride!! (check out all the dirt!)

After 4 showers, and bubble baths, she's finally reunited with her Mommy!! (who by the way, has a cold)


Amber Anne said...

WOW! That rabbit washed up beautifully! I hope Emma feels better soon. It is a snowy blizzard outside. Do not get too excited but John is going to help me after dinner post some pics on our blog! Love ya, Amber

Tori said...

What an adventure for Beary!! I'm glad it was a happy reunion! Emma feel better soon!!! Happy belated Birthday, it looks like you had loads of fun!

Sis Sarah said...

Dang I am quite impressed on how good she looks. Give Build a Bear something, there incredibly expensive bears can take a beating, even at the simmons house.

Totally impressed.

Matilda said...

I emailed Build a Bear and gave them the link to the post. I'll let ya know if I hear anything from them!