Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Here they are!!!!!!!!! So Jack, is a "Chick Magnet". Emma is a "Snake Princess". Parker is "The Headless Horseman". And Nick, is a "Nerd Gone Bad". After the last year and a half, what else would I dress up as, but a "Doctor/nurse". I got some scrubs from Wal mart, and stuffed my pockets with all the medical supplies I had lying around, which were a'plenty. Emma thought it was great!

As per usual, it was an EXHAUSTING day, full of over stimulation. Emma is coming down with the thing that is kicking Steve's b u t t, at the moment. And Jack has been fighting it too. Cross all your fingers and toes, he doesn't get RSV, or something. But I have a feeling something bad is on the horizon. Call it impending doom, call it psychic, but, I'm just waiting. It HAS been like a month, since we've had an emergency...*rolling eyes*'s finally my favorite part of Halloween. Candy is overflowing, costumes, are dropped all over the house, everyone is in their beds, and I am on my way. I LOVE Halloween, but I love it more... when it's FINALLY over...

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