Saturday, October 13, 2007

Knock on wood...would ya...

The b u m. SO MUCH BETTER!!! I only took one l o r t a b yesterday. ALL DAY!! YIPEE!!! And while it's only 9 am, I am sitting in the chair!!! Ok, off to the side...but still!! Don't get me wrong, it's still uncomfortable, but pun intended. And I've been taking m o t r i n, but I think I may be on the path of losing my l o r t a b excuse!! That's a good thing...right???

I'm thinking of actually putting shoes on today. My feet have been on the floor a lot, I even made dinner last night, and even get to blow dry my hair, in the morning. I still need to take it easy, cuz I know all too well, what happens, when I do too much, impeding my recovery. It's strange how the WHOLE body reacts even when it's only little piece that had surgery!

It's been very humbling, to be on the outside of my family, yet right smack in the middle. If any of you have done this, you know what I mean. I will say, for the most part, they all stepped up. They all had their moments, some more than others. It's hard on the kids, when something happens to their main caregiver. Jack was very clingy to my mom. And Emma had a few more meltdowns than usual. Nick ended up sick himself, with a nasty cough. I'm watching him for signs of strep. I don't know. He's had a little fever, but it hasn't knocked him out. Which is kind of good, cuz he has been a good helper. He even picked up a sleeping Emma and put her to bed!!

Also, I've been tagged, but I'm still check back for that. It's a MEME. Should be exciting!!

Oh, and I hope you like my new header! Still dabbling in digital scrap booking. I'd LOVE to take an actual class. Ya, I'll do that in my spare time!!


Jenn K. said...

I am SO glad that you are starting to feel better. I was just telling my cousin that ANYTHING involving Photography would be SO fun for me. I love pictures.

Cindy said...

I appreciate you sharing this personal experience, which might also be in near future!! YIKES!! There should be a rule that Mom's don't have to have surgery or get sick!! But, oh,well, there's something to learn in everything. I'm happy you are starting to feel better!!