Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yesterday was pretty good. Even left the house, made dinner, put make up on, and put real clothes on!! I've been wearing sweats! I only took m o t r i n too. But by evening, I was done. And if the sore b u m wasn't enough, I got you know what yesterday... two weeks early. UGH. Seriously...what the heck!!?!?

As far as Jack's IFSP. He is now getting speech, occupational, and teacher, twice a month. We are still waiting on the PT consult, but I'm heading to Shriner's on Wend. We'll see what they want to do. I KNOW he needs new DAFO's, and our OT thinks he may need higher ones. Higher up his leg. I'm just worried about walking and that. Guess we'll see...we all know how I LOVE that!! *rolling eyes*

And it was fun to go over his goals from 6 months ago, and realize he has done most, of most of them. If you know what I mean. Like... we had a goal he would follow directions 60 % of the time. And while it's hard to say whether he is ABLE to, or CHOOSES not to...he is doing great! Now we are working on drinking from a straw, this will be interesting. Balancing on one foot. Imitating sounds, I think we have him down for knowing 5 animals. I have this cute picture of Emma with a baby cow. He was looking at it the other day, and kind of saying...Moo! So I was thinking, we have a little farm near by, and I would love to take him over there and take pictures of him with some of the animals, and make him a little book. And butt was cut open...*rolling eyes...again* But last night, he was in the tub with Em, and hollering..."MOM!" It was so funny. A long deep MOM!!! I'll try to get it on video! He is so funny.

Nick seemed better yesterday, but today, seems worse. Maybe I'll take him in tonight. My peds office has an after hours clinic, which I LOVE, but they don't open till 5:00. So now I'm just waiting for everyone else to get sick. Make the rounds ya know? *sigh*

I really wanted to go to church today, but it's just not gonna happen. First of all, I can't possibly sit for that long. Second of all, when it comes to leading the music, I really don't want to be getting up, and sitting cautiously, ya know? It's embarrassing enough. Don't really want to stand up in front of everyone. Thirdly, by the time I got everyone ready, I would need a 3 hour nap. Again, I think it's so weird, how the WHOLE body is affected, by one area being cut open.

Well that's all for today, unless something else comes up!!


Sis Sarah said...

I'm glad the toush is finally feeling better. Hope the other kids avoid whatever plague nick brought home. Ya we sluffed church today too (stake conference 9 am 30 minutes away uggg).

Glad to see your on the mend.

Oh and Wesley does not know one animal sound. WTG Parker.

Christine said...

it's good to hear you're starting to feel better :)

Danielle said...

I think it's a GREAT idea to take Jack to a farm to be up close to animals!! Every time Julia has ever done a hands-on type activity, like a field trip or whatever, she has just EXPLODED with more speech!
I understand how you mean about the whole body being affected... I swear, when I had my stupid wisdom teeth out, I felt down and out for at least a week. Is there some sort of exercise they gave you to strengthen your butt muscles around the site? I always pooh-poohed the idea until my second c-section and was SHOCKED how much it truly helped. I'm thinkin' 'boutcha lady. Get better soon.