Monday, October 8, 2007


Today's been a little better. I FEEL better, but "the region" is still sore, and potty horrid. Sorry if TMI. This morning, Emma was holding my hand, and gave me a hug around my neck, and was rubbing my back. Then Jack, one time, came in, and was rubbing my arm. *sigh* They make me cry.

In other news...

Jack is signing more!!! He has had, "more", and recently got "drink", and has been doing "please" and "eat" too. He also started patting his diaper, three times, strangely enough, to tell us, he needs a new diaper. Or when I say, are you poopy? It's so funny, to carry on a conversation with him. He is so cute!

I'm also worried about a couple of things with him. His feet/ankles are getting worse, and his OT noticed he walks with his knees slightly bent. meaning his hamstrings are tight. I think I've told you about this already. Anyway...we have an appointment at shriners with the PT and to see about new DAFO's.

Also, I've been noticing more how flat his face is. I'm worried he will need something drastic when he gets older. I worry about making that decision. Do we fix it because he might look weird? Will it affect his speech? I know...why worry now....I try not to... but it's hard.

Oh and the kids broke the camera. Right before my surgery, so I haven't been able to take it anywhere. Wish my luck.

I'm tired, but I took a shower, and have been upright more today. So that's something...right? I hate being down. I'm missing so much stuff, and I hate living on the outside of my family. I hate that I still can't DO anything. But friends have brought in meals, and my Mom, is spending the day waiting on me! Mom's ROCK! Of course yesterday was her birthday. And f course, I was lame. I plan on making it up to her... when my bottom is better!! :)


Sis Sarah said...

I'm glad your tushy isn't hurting quite as much as yesterday.

I'm sorry you have all these worries. maybe with jack, once he gets braces a few times it might help shape his face better.

Dang about the camera.

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Danielle said...

I understand the face thing, at least a little. Julia's orthodontist is once again talking jaw distraction surgery. Yuck. So did they give you a donut to sit on? Some soft gel ice packs might feel good. Hope the pain leaves you soon!