Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sorry for swearing, but I have been locked out of here for over a week!! I reset my password, and goggle seems to hate me or something, because it didn't keep it. I'm sure I was doing something wrong, but it has been VERY frustrating!! And it won't let me back in for 5 days, once I've tried it too many times.

ANYWHO....I'm back. If it doesn't kick me off again.

I got a new camera!! YAY!!! Here's a couple of pics from today!! Jack has gotten so old, since I was last able to take his picture!!

I can't wait to take pictures for Halloween, they all looked great last week, for our Ward Trunk or Treat, and then I took Jack and Emma to the Hydrocephalus Support Group Halloween party.

So...until tomorrow...


Jenn k said...

yay i am glad your back!

Danielle said...

OH MY HELL right back. Your babies are so BIG!!!! I'm excited to see Halloween pics!
Thanks for your comments, they are being taken very seriously. I believe in miracles, so I will just keep waiting for our next one!

Mandy said...

You're awesome thanks for the chuckle :) Just don't reset your password again.