Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sweet kids...

It's been an OK day. It hurts, but again, not as bad as before it was fixed. And when I go for a ride in the car...not a good plan. I was nauseous for like 3 hours, and didn't get my meds on time. *sigh* It's also been weird, to only hurt, in one place. I keep grabbing my belly, like it should hurt. Also, "the girls" aren't engorged, and raw. Usually when I have pain...down there...I have horrid cramps, and get the idea. It's just weird how the brain works!!

Emma has been so cute. This morning, she got me a drink, without me even asking, and then offered to make me a sandwich! She is so sweet! I had told her earlier, I was scared to go potty, and would she hold my hand when I had to go. (trying to use something in common, so she'd feel bad for me.) So when number two was on it's way, she jumped at the chance to hold my hand! She even held mine, between her two hands, and would rub my arm occasionally. Seriously...does it get better than that??

The boys have been pretty helpful too. And when they bug me too much, I threaten to "show" them. :) But they really have been great. I did call to Nick the most this morning, cuz I was nauseous, and his is the easiest to say, and uses the least b*tt muscles!! Oh, and when Steve took them to a movie, Parker gave me a hug before they left. That doesn't happen very often...he is WAY too cool. ;) I also asked Nick tonight, to p u l l my pants down! He and Parker looked at me like I was nuts! What I meant was my sweats, had ridden up to my knee, and were bugging me! It was funny!!

Jack has been so sweet too. Today I have spent most of the latter part of the day on the couch, instead of my bed, which is good for Jack, cuz he can see me. He keeps coming up, and kissing me, on the lips! I keep trying to get him to "fetch". Nothing yet...but I'm working on it!!

I feel so blessed. Sure they are loud when I'm trying to sleep, and fight, and scream. But when they help like that, it makes me humbled, and reminds me that maybe, I've done something right!!

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Sis Sarah said...

I'm sorry your pain in the a** hasn't gone yet. Hope it gets better soon, well at least milk it as long as you can. Your worth it.