Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh my...

When I was pregnant with Nick, my good friend Stacie, told me about her pediatrician, whom she LOVED. We went to visit him, just before Nick was born and have been going to him ever since.

Four kids later...this fish tank has been loved by all of them. I remember having to hold Nick up, to see in the fish tank. And then, when Parker came along, having to hold both of them up, and sometimes, pulling a chair over, or sitting next to it, so they could both sit on my lap, and see the "shish". That's what Nick called them.

Tonight, I took him in, to just get a check over, and he stood up to look at the shish. I said, "Nick, you used to not be able to see in the tank!" He said, "Mom! I still can't see in the tank!" Looking at it now, almost brings me to tears. How how how, did he get so big.

He is fine by the way, just a good 'ole cough.


Amy said...

I have those moments that I wonder where this giant came from, what happened to my little baby? It is so sad, but then I so enjoy the young man he has become (Most of the time!). I am glad you are starting to feel better. It's hard for the mom to be under the weather. Wish I was closer so I could of shared some of my goodies I baked yesterday. I did think of you when I bought my daily churro. :)

Danielle said...

Wow! I used to just roll my eyes when someone would say, "They grow up so fast!" But then again, Julia really didn't grow up much those first couple years! Now, with Nathaniel growing normally and Julia finally growing up and calling herself a big girl, it's so true, and I wish there was a way to freeze time for while.
I just love being a mom. I love seeing them growing and learning and coming up with the ZANIEST things to say and do. I can't imagine them as teenagers, hard as I try. Did you feel like that when Nick was 5 or so? Like it wasn't possible he'd ever tower over the "shish" tank?

Lisa M. said...

I remember, when Aurora was a baby, thinking I didn't need to take a picture, because I would never ever forget this time with her. How she looks "right now"-

I love the fish tank picture, and I really LOVE- how much you care about your kids.

This post is a beautiful testament-